Like A Boy Scout

I’m prepared.  We are leaving tomorrow at 10a and we’ll probably be back around 10p Saturday night.  Mike is gonna crap when he sees all i’m bringing.  Actually he won’t because he knows me.


I’ve been without bread or rice cakes for too long so i’m making sure i’m bringing those babies with me since they are on the plan!  I can’t wait for sandwich Saturday and i’m gonna try out that smoked turkey.  We always make sandwiches at the cottage so now there will be no guilt 🙂  I’ll miss my blackberries though…oh, i’ll bring some blueberries!  Not pictured is my huge tub of protein powder and the salad i’ll be toting for lunch up there for tomorrow.  I tell Mike it’s because I don’t have a job and i’m trying to save money.  You all know me better and i’m just a freak!

At Nature’s Pharm today I bought one of those Synergy drinks.  Hmmm….it’s quite tasty.  Like alcohol.  No wonder Kelly O  likes them.  I swear I had a buzz after  drinking half of the bottle.
Last night I ended up running 3.1 miles in 30 mins!  I didn’t really intend to but at minute 19 I realized I may be able to pull this off so I cranked up the speed.  Now i’m itching to see how fast I really can run if I start off faster. 
This morning I got up and did an incline walk for 30 mins.  My legs were sore HA!  Then I took Boomer to the park again and we walked for 25 mins.  I was bored and waiting for lunch so I did some step aerobics to pass the time.  Now i’m just chillin’ and getting ready to do my abs workout with running intervals!  I’m also going walking with my mom tonight.  Man, all I can say is it’s the Amazing Grass!!!


  1. LMAO the apples sitting on top the water bottles. I hope you have a great time! XO

  2. April (Foods of April)

    I love how you packed all kinds of snacks.. I do the same thing!

  3. I really admire how prepared you were. That wanting of the things I am trying to do more. By the way, Who is Kelly O?! The link didn’t work!

  4. Girl, first of all, I am a moron for not keeping up with your blog. I still had your OLD blog address on my updater, so I wasn’t seeing when you updated. OOPS.
    Synergy drinks ROCK don’t they? It really is an odd taste, I can’t for the life of me describe it…but that, coupled with the probiotics….really makes KO’s tummy much happier.
    And that is a Good Thang.

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