Dang, This Looks Tasty!

Pina Colãda

– One cup almond milk (you can substitute reduced fat or non-fat milk if you prefer)
– One quarter cup of light coconut milk (I’ll blog specifically about this in the future)
– One frozen banana
– Half a teaspoon of vanilla extract

– Measure and pour one cup of almond milk into your blender
– Add one quarter of a cup of light coconut milk (it is available in cans in the Asian aisle — make sure you buy the light kind)
– Add a small frozen banana broken into several pieces to your blender
Note: Here are instructions for creating your own frozen bananas. You might want to cut them into several pieces depending on how powerful your blender is. Also, if you prefer pineapple you can substitute frozen pineapple for the banana, or half a serving of each.
– Add half a teaspoon of vanilla extract
– (Optional) Add some crushed ice if you want an icy texture
– Blend, transfer to cup, drink and enjoy!

In terms of calories, it is variable (so make sure you check based on your ingredients), but if you use almond milk, a small-ish banana, and light coconut milk, it comes out to approximately 170 calories, 6 grams of fat (primarily from the coconut), and 3 grams of fiber

Of course i’ll add some amazing grass 😀

I found a bunch of yummies HERE! 

I was craving one of those darn Kombucha’s today!    I got the Gingerade flavor and it’s great!  Then I read the side of the bottle:  Please note:  Due to the fermentation, this product may contain a trace amount of alcohol (less than 0.5%)  I told you guys I felt like had a buzz after drinking it!!  LOL!

I did another great run this morning, 3.5 miles.  3 of them done in 30 minutes!  I can’t believe the speeds i’m running at.  I’m still a mule but i’ve never claimed to be a runner.  I LOVE CARBS!!!


  1. Um, No alcohol in the pina colada. What is the point? LOL

    And those Kombucha’s…I love them too but I DO NOT like the ginger one.

    FYI, because of the fermentation, DO NOT SHAKE.
    Yeah I learned that the hard way.


  2. Try adding coconut extract. Mmmm.

  3. LOVE Komuchas…and that recipe WILL be made!


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