Why Compete?

I had no plans of ever competing in a figure competition.  I never thought I would EVER be fit.  I would always be small but chubby.  After my hubs and I’s vacation to Fort Lauderdale in Dec ’06 I knew something had to change.  I saw a picture of my fat body and just couldn’t believe it. 

A Pretty Mermaid

 I thought I was eating right and working out right but what did I know?   I wasn’t eating that much so how could I be fat?  Man did I NOT know what I was doing back then.

 A little low on calories

A little low on calories

I came across Stacey’s blog earlier that year and enjoyed reading her stories.  Then she had something up her sleeve.  She started losing weight and getting muscle and I wanted that!  What was her secret?  She hired an online trainer.  I debated it but thought what the heck.  So Jan 1st 2007 I started with Tony DiCostanzo and it has changed my life!
Here’s a lovely picture.
Oh boy

Oh boy

So I started with Tony and was seeing amazing things happening to my body.  I felt much better too.  The best part was I was eating!  My workouts were awesome and then came the moment of truth.  I went to see a figure show.  It was March, 3 months after starting with Dreambodies.  I was so excited I immediately called Tony and told him I wanna do this.  He said if you want it, you got it!  Oh boy did I ever get it HA!

Here’s me when I was so happy and on top of the world because I had lost 11 lbs!  Why can’t I feel like that now?  I’m leaner and 6 lbs lighter than this picture…ugh…i’ll never be satisfied…or will I?

The dieting really wasn’t that bad for me.  I enjoy eating healthy but let me tell you the cardio about KILLED me. 


For this show I didn’t know any better.  There was NO cheating and everything was followed to the T because I had no clue what I could look like.  My posing sucked but you learn alot from your first show.

I think competing becomes addictive.  You see your body that small, dehydrated and it’s awesome.  You actually think you may be able to stay like that even though you KNOW it’s not healthy and impossible.  You TRY to only gain a bit of weight back after your show but you even drink water and BAM 5 lbs.  Then you decide to eat what you couldn’t for the last 12 weeks.  Each show you tell yourself you won’t do that again yet it happens…again and again.  For those of us that have had body image issues or disorders in the past i’m not real sure this is a healthy thing.  I think it’s another disorder but it seems like a healthier way.  Let me tell you my hormones are jacked and I haven’t had a period in over a year.  Will I compete again….you bet I will. 

I’ll keep writing about how things change “on season” vs. “off season”.  I hate those two terms actually.  If i’m not competing i’m not out eating burgers and not working out.  The eating is different for me right now though but workouts are just as intense!  This is a good thing though….stay tuned!


  1. Great post! 🙂

  2. Em

    Agreed, great great post!
    That was probably the first thing I realized:: This was an acceptable form of disordered eating & body image. YIKES!!!!!!!!!!!

    It’s so true! And I also agree that after ever comp. there is this vow to NOT gain & try and stay closer to stage weight. What a joke! 🙂

    love love

  3. April (Foods of April)

    Wow that looks intense! Thanks for all the info! 🙂


  4. Agree, agree, agree, agree….All of it. LOVED IT

  5. wow – this is a really interesting post – I’ve never done comp or anything like that but I see what you’re saying!

    • redhead75

      Yes, you are doing it the healthy way. See how your weight just keep getting lower and there are no huge jumps! Keep doing what you’re doing!!

  6. I love how you made the change with hard work and determination. Good for you!

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