PSB(post show bloat)

Have your legs ever felt like they were gonna bust open when you walk on them?  Your stomach really feel like it’s gonna pop. 

It’s not fun let me tell you.  Actually I did pretty good after this show.  I got right back on my diet.   My competition weight is typically 107 lbs.  Afterwards I shoot up to 117.  I got my weight to 114 and maintained that for the next 4 weeks up to my 3rd show.  Then there was the ever popular chicken and cheese diet as I call it.  For 28 days, nothing but egg whites, chicken and cheese…no joke.  So I wonder why i’m struggling to keep weight off after this show?  My body is going crazy!  Not to mention the amount of sugar I consumed with the girls 🙂

So now i’m at a great place for me.  I’d like my weight to be lower but that’s just another disorder in itself.  My diet rocks right now!  I told Tony I needed to just live for a bit.  Funny thing is once I got tons of carbs back into my diet my body started dropping fat and my workouts rock!  During prep i’m not kidding when I say 6.0 for 1 minute on the treadmill is tough.  Your body is struggling to live I think. 

Things i’m doing now that you DON’T do when you’re prepping for a show:

  • Eating lots of fruit
  • Eating a variety of carbs
  • I had a frozen yogurt with my husband
  • 4th of July weekend was fun again at the lake
  • Step aerobics and different sorts of intervals on the treadmill
  • Making almond chocolate milk YUM!
  • Sprinting because I have energy!
  • Just having a variety on the meal plan and not stressing about eating every 2.5 hours to the second
  • Staying up later because i’m not worn out (this could be not having a  job too)
  • Using low carb ketchup and Country Bob’s Sauce 😉

These are things I can think of now.  I really like the way I feel right now and not stressing out about things like I did.  Don’t get me wrong, I love competing but right now i’m at a good spot.  I’m not really a competitive person per se and i’m only competing with myself.  So since my mind and body are happy with what i’m doing there is no need to torture myself right now.

Eating 1200~1400 calories of the same boring food and burning  1600 calories just in exercising alone beats you down.  I don’t care who you are.  I’ve been doing this to myself for the past 2 years and it took this awesome meal plan with real food on it to make me realize this.  It’s like my brain woke up.  Again these are my opinions and I don’t want to step on any toes.  If you have written a blog where you are complaining about wanting to eat your arm off because you are so hungry then yes i’m probably talking about you.  I want to show myself that I CAN look good and fit without sucking the life out of myself. 

A competition is a great way to lose weight.  I would like to do it naturally first and then compete.  Here is my never ending cycle:

  • Find a competition
  • Train and diet and lose 15 lbs over a 12 week period(107)
  • Gain 10 lbs back the next day(117)
  • Lose 5 lbs the following week(112)
  • Holiday eating and winter(125)
  • Crap comp is in 4 months better get my butt in gear
  • Cruise time!  Gotta step it up because when I get back from the cruise I only have 7 weeks to lose 13 lbs(120)
  • Comp time….didn’t make it(this has happened twice)
  • Losing steadily over the summer but still killing the cardio and eating VERY clean and not enjoying the summer
  • Comp time! (107)
  • Repeat vicious cycle

Again this is my cycle.  I know you’re saying April why don’t you just NOT gain the 10 lbs and then you’ll stay lean.  I have no control of what my body wants to do when I start to eat and NOT do 2 hours of cardio a day.  My friends will attest that I DO NOT eat crap hardly every.  So my body just gets out of whack.  This is why i’m anxious to see how my body does on the plan i’m on now.  Sure i’m not gonna have my rock hard 6 pack but i’m feeling so much better. 

There is a show I would LOVE to do Sept 26th here in Indy.   Mike and I are celebrating our 10th anniversary from Aug 5th~15th and he wants me to enjoy it with him.  The old me would NOT enjoy myself because I would be thinking i’m 10 weeks out etc.  Living my life at how many weeks out I am and how I won’t make it.  Won’t make what?  It’s the adrenaline rush of the stage I crave.  To be in your best shape and in heels all dolled up is fun for me.  All the girls are happy and excited that the showtime is here and feeling their best as well.  People who know me will tell you I NEVER get all dolled up.  My hair is always in a ponytail and i’m in the same clothes all week.  So comp time is like a beauty paegant or something LOL!  I’ve heard horror stories about girls being (female dogs) and the comps are just not fun.  I think it has to do with what federation you’re in mostly.  The shows I do most girls don’t care about “going pro” or all that jazz.  Except for Melissa and she’s proof that when you want something you get it.

Okay enough rambling on this post.  I have to meet a friend for Starbucks again this week 🙂  Some things never change though no matter what.  I’ll still just get my Venti Cafe Americano and take my Sun Crystal packets with me.



  1. Ok maybe it’s just me, but you seriously don’t look all that different in those picutes. Your stomach looks “full” but your legs and arms are teeeeeny tiny!!

    By not getting your period your body is probably telling you something…it sounds like you are much happier doing what your are doing now!

  2. I am glad you have found your happy place, and I relate to much of what you said. this part confused me though, you said during prep you DONT do:

    Step aerobics and different sorts of intervals on the treadmill

    Really? cause that sounds like good cardio to me.
    I am super excited for you guys to enjoy your 10 year anniversary (CONGRATS BTW, that is no small feat!)

    and again, glad you are happy with how you look. I think if you stay HEALTHY and lean 10 weeks is till plenty of time. Maybe you can have the best of both worlds…

    BTW, I am with you on the ‘body doing what it wants to do thing”. ALL MY FRIENDS will tell you I hardly EVER eat crap either, and didn’t even go overboard and blew up BAD after my show. Gained every ounce back, plus one effing lb!! I think (and I think I said this) my body WANTS to be 130 lbs. That is what it should be. Anything else is hard to achieve for me, even when I bust my butt, and my body fights it. True story.

    Good post girl.
    Oh and your PSB was WAYYYYY not as bad as mine OMG. I looked seriously preggo and was in major pain. Gut busting open, totally how I would describe it!!

  3. redhead75

    Hey Becca! The 2 hours I had to do a day had to be done on the treadmill so no time or energy for step 🙂 Also I couldn’t do the intervals i’m doing now because I had no energy to do them. Now i’m bustin my bootay!

    I must add though i’m so glad I have Tony to talk to after a show. When he tells me what to do and I follow it great things happens.

  4. Chicken + egg whites + cheese for 28 days?! OMG I, admittedly a pretty big creature of nature, still couldn’t do this day in day out! I like your list of things you don’t do when you’re prepping for a show – especially the ‘fro yo’ mention – sometimes you just need a treat (I tell myself this A LOT). Glad the girls in your federation aren’t… female dogs – that kinda makes it not as much fun/not as worth it i’m sure.

  5. Em

    Your vicious cycle reminds me of mine. Gosh we gotta get this shit straight! 🙂 🙂
    THEN……Hit the stage!!!!!!!

    You’re doing awesome Ape, seriously, your mindset right now is rocking my socks off—I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And you’re beautiful without gettting dolled up!!!

  6. I will email you instead…don’t want to piss off your peeps…lol


  7. Ok, so – just curious, are you still YES wanting to compete or NO? Either way, you’ll find what works for you. I too went through this journey of figuring out the craziness and what I was doing that wasn’t working AT ALL FOR ME. In fact, what I was doing was making me CRAZY and kind of setting me up for disaster. I finally feel like I’ve found my happy place and am enjoying each day, what I’m eating and my workouts. This is how to live. I’m just sayin.
    😉 You rock girl. Keep it up.

  8. April

    Hey Kelly! I can’t say that I won’t ever compete again but it’s not on my to do list right now. I don’t have a job and i’m going to enjoy my summer! April-style anyway 😉

  9. April, I love this post! Its truly all about balance and it seems like you have found the balance that makes you happy right now!! I hear your excitement in your post. Competitions are an awesome thing and I commend and appreciate anyone who has “the chops” to do one! If you decide you want to do one again, more power to you, but it sound slike you know you can come back to this style and still feel healthy and fit with more variety when its over!

    The mental elemnt of a restrictive diet is always what I struggled with. The inute you tell me I can’t have X, even if X is something “healthy”, thats all I want. So you hit the nail on the head when you say you are feeling better about it, I think that restriction thing applies to a lot of us!

    Thanks for posting this!

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