The Saddest Sound

I think the saddest sound is my spoon scraping the bottom of my empty breakfast bowl *sigh*.  Why does it have to end?


This morning I got up and did 35 mins of cardio on my tready, then Boomer and I went for a 25 minute walk.  I’ll be working my chest and more cardio later!  I got my new diet and it’s gonna be a VERY big change.  I’m ready for it though.  I need to look good when Mike and I take our anniversary vacation 😀  We’ll be doing a similar trip to what we did last year.  We’re going to Alabama first to meet up with the sweetest people in the world!  I love her accent and take on life…plus she’s a GREAT cook 😉  This is one of Mike’s old high school buddies and his wife just happens to be awesome!  We cried when we had to leave each other last year 😦

Zach and Amanda...LOVE them!

Zach and Amanda...LOVE them!

Since winning my new cookbook below i’ve entered a couple more contest.  Wish me luck…even if you entered 😉  I figure maybe i’m on a role???

Whit’s Getting Fit – LOVE her personality!!

Oh She Glows – I could spend hours on her blog!


I got 3 scrumptious containers of Naturally More Nut Butter products yesterday!  I’m going to review them this week 🙂  I already know I LOVE the Naturally More PB w/ flax seeds.  That’s the one that I ate the entire container during my first show 🙂  Okay and my second one too.  I’m super excited to try the almond butter and the organic peanut butter!



  1. Aaah winning is so much fun! 🙂


  2. Dang who do you have to sleep with to get 3 free nut butters????

    j/k of course…but seriously…

  3. Love new products – awesome!! I agree… there’s nothing sadder then finding you’re at the end of a yummy dish!! 🙂

  4. Can’t wait for you to visit me:)

    I totally hear you on the end of breakfast…it’s my fav meal aside from Protein Pudding.

  5. Im right there with ya….except mine is harder 😉

  6. Aw, they look like such a sweet couple! YAY for winning too! I also LOVE the pic of you and your sweetie too. SO CUTE the both of you together.

  7. Have fun on your vacation and yes – you should do the Monster Mash with Tina! I see there are a few girls out there thinking about it. I may have to hit Stef up for a place to stay so I can come watch the fun!

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