Thanks for all the well wishes on the interview!  It went really well but i’m not sure if I want to make that drive before we move up there yuck!  Plus it’s working for a high end jewelry store and i’m not a high end type of person.  Who ever knew they had inventory planners in jewelry stores?  So they’re suppose to let me know one way or another but i’m just not feeling it.  Living up north is gonna be such a change.  While I was waiting this place took some of my money.

Hey look they're hiring!

Hey look they're hiring!

After the interview I changed clothes…yes that fast.  I hate dress clothes.  That reminds me, I forgot to take a pic of my dress…sorry.  Then I went to Trader Joe’s.

Love 003

The place was PACKED!  I HATE crowds with a passion!  I bought 1 container of greek yogurt, 1 container of almond milk,  and a bag of PB filled pretzels for Mikey.  They did have some good deals but all the fat people were hogging the aisles.


Today I met some ex co-workers at Chili’s.  I had already eaten so I just had a side salad.  They laid off two more people today.  Other than that i’m gonna work my back HARD!  My legs feel like they are full of sodium and I cannot figure out why??


  1. Boo! I’m so sorry you Trader Joe’s experiment was less than satisfactory – maybe next time! Legs full of sodium? I wouldn’t know what that felt like!

  2. I think something is in the water. My legs have felt like that for a couple days now!!

    I hope the interview was a good practice run. 😉 I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the next opportunity will be a better fit!

  3. you are just like me. i am so not a high end type of person..i like to keep things simple…and cheap lol and part of the reason i haven’t takena few jobs is honestly because i don’t want to dress up everyday. actually that is the main reason!! haha

  4. I’m trying not to be a bad girl and get you thinking about comps but…um….yeah….um….really I’ve been trying not to encourage you because I don’t want to be the influence…but um….ever since you mentioned it…you have me dreamin 🙂 UMMMMMM????????

    Still haven’t talked to the T man…missed his call again…so I don’t know what he thinks…so I shouldn’t be starting trouble….
    but ummm, yeah ummm

    Let me know…start seriously thinking…because this time we are going to mean business…so we need the time 🙂 I want to get shredded…like Tara and Sundie 🙂 That’s my goal 🙂

  5. Sundie

    GAWD we are so much alike it is scary!

  6. april

    Legs feel like sodium?? I’ve never had that feeling! Only my tummy feels like sodium!

  7. April

    Girls consider yourself lucky that you don’t know what sausage legs feel like…they HURT so bad!

    Sundie we should go shopping together LOL!

  8. I still keep up with my old co-workers too. It sucks to hear when they let other people go, but at least you know it wasn’t personal, lol!

    OMG i am old skool too and our forman grille doesn’t have removable skillets??! I AM LOVIN” the parchment paper idea!!

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