I haven’t busted out the George Foreman in forever.  I’m an old lady so i’ve had mine for awhile and it doesn’t have the removeable, dishwasher safe griddles.  It’s a pain in the rump to clean so I just choose to not use the thing even though they make tasty burgers fast!  Found a remedy!



 This was fast and I was hungry so it’s a good thing!  Clean up was a breeze!

Love 002

Yesterday I made ABU for the first time….WONDERFUL!  What does the U stand for?  So this morning I don’t get any nut butters so I gave the rest to Boomer and this is what happened to the dish.  She takes it a little too serious not to mention she HAD to take the dish outside and enjoy it.

See the little teeth marks?

See the little teeth marks?

Today the weather is a bit odd.  It nice and chilly but feels great.  I’m sitting here with my windows and doors open and the air is awesome!  Today i’m SERIOUSLY taking the day off from working out.  I took Boomer for a little walk but nothing strenuous like yesterday.  Our average pace was 12:13.  I’m not kidding around when I say I pass the woggers(people that “think” they are jogging but really just need to walk).  We did that for 2.66 miles.  That was after the 30 mins of kickbox and before the back, 30 mins on tready and then another 30 mins on the tready.  So yes, I need to take today off.  My lats hurt though and I LOVE it!!



  1. Margarita

    ABU is on my list to do as well! 🙂 I was wondering the same thing about “U”??? I cannot wait to try it tho. I love those “foodies” guys. 😉

    Oh, and that parchment paper for the grill truly is a genius even though I do have removable grill blades on my foreman.

  2. Daisy loooooves peanut butter. My husband likes to think she will start talking like Mr. Ed if he gives her a big glob. It is kinda funny watching her smack all over the place tryinng to eat it!

  3. bahaha i love the smilie face in your food 🙂

    bahaha woggers are sooo funnny

  4. lol you made ABU? isn’t that the little monkey from Alladin? 😉 (how is alladin spelled?)

    The smiley face is awesome 🙂 hey about that Amazing Grass, so how do you use it? You have piqued my interest 🙂

  5. april

    What moves do you do for your back? I’m getting tired of lat pull downs and low row!

    • April

      April I do those and dumbbell pullovers. That’s really about it. I use HEAVY weights and it gives me glorious DOMS.(delayed onset muscle soreness)

  6. HOLLA!! I love my George Foreman too but don’t use it enough. I need to make these salmon burgers so perhaps this week. Thanks for the nice reminder…!! 😉 Keep up the great work chica!

  7. hayleycepeda

    Whoa…wait a second – parchment paper on the GF Grill?? Does this cut down on cleaning time? Why do I not think of this stuff?? HOW AWESOME!!!! I hate using my grill anymore because I am a lazy ass when it comes to cleaning it. You’re a genius!!

    I’ve always wondered about the “U” in ABU…I also need to make some! We are like 2 peas in a pod…I am almond butter/PB obsessed! 🙂

  8. Seriously I didn’t even know that they made George Foreman with removeable griddles. I need to get out to Target more often. I always hated cleaning mine so I stopped using it. Parchment paper sounds like a good idea!

  9. Like the parchment. They have removable parts now?!?!

  10. You are a genius! WHy did I not think of that!?!?! Parchment paper to the rescue.

  11. Holymoly. You just significantly improved my life.


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