You Know You’re Getting Old When….

Yes, it’s happened.  So I mentioned I went to the mall this past weekend.  I forgot to tell you that me and Louisa KNOW for sure now that we are old.  It’s not the fact that we don’t get carded anymore or don’t care to get dressed up or wear makeup but this is what did it.  In JCPenney we both saw a shirt, dress, skirt??  hanging up on the rack.  We looked at each other….WTF?….then saw it on the mannequin and we both said AHA!  We had to look at the mannequin to figure out what the heck it was!!  It was a top but we would NOT have known how to wear it HA!


Last night I went to visit my gma and cuz who’s in from Ohio right now.  She is so pretty and tiny!  Her mom is 5’10 so I had high hopes for her but she’s shorter than me.  We went to Pizza King station where my sister and 3 other cousins work, it’s a family affair.  There is a little train that brings your drinks.

Toot toot!

Toot toot!

It was fun just sitting there and talking with the family. 

Which of these do you think was my dinner?

Number #1

My sister wrote that...not one really pooped in it.

My sister wrote one really pooped in it.

Or #2

Love 009

Hard decision for you huh?  😛


This morning I got up and got on the treadmill.  I ate my HUGE bowl of oats…man i’m going to leave the PB out next time it’s just too much.  Yes, a PB addict just said this.  No more for me.   Then my darn internet went down again so Boomer and I headed to the park for a walk.  The weather was just GORGEOUS!  We got back into the car and I decided I wanted a Synergy drink.  I drove to Nature’s Pharm with the windows down and breeze blowing through and a big black dog pimped out my back window.  I had been listening to Rage Against the Machine because i’m a fist full of rage most days but switched over to Nelly Furtado and calmed down and relaxed.  I went in to get my GT and they were 30% off WOOT!  So I got 3 of them 😀


Then on my lovely drive home I snapped out of it and remembered who I was and switch over to Static X 🙂



  1. WOO HOO! RATM! ❤

  2. Oh I can’t stand it when people who are YOUNG call themselves old all the time …girl you need to quit that! *smack smack* Hahahah!

    I want starbucks 😦

    • April

      Jodi when you start seeing things you’ve never seen on your body you’ll know what i’m talking about HA!

      • Well, I don’t know…even If I noticed things I probably wouldn’t announce that I thought I was old when I was just in my 30’s. Geez! Now if you were turning 60 I could understand 🙂

        • No it’s the opposite. See when you’re turning 60 you don’t say you’re getting old because you really are. It’s fun when i’m only mid 30’s because I know i’m really not. I can’t wait to turn 40 because I think that is when women are at their best!

          I actually think a women ages the most between ages 28~38.

  3. I know you ate that whole pizza:) haha

  4. that’s my kind of girl!! love rage and static-x. Do you ever listen to killswitch engage?? that will get ya pumped up and ready to rock!

    • I have never heard of them…told you all I was getting old 😉

  5. Girl, your choice of music is right up my alley. It’s even cooler to see them all LIVE!

  6. hey! shoot me an email if you wanna do a “where in the usa?” operation beautiful thing too!

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