Now I Remember!

I remember why I haven’t been to the fair in over 10 years.  Trashy people, even trashier workers and I don’t eat junk.  I went for my gma though and feel good about that.  Here’s a pic of my cuz, me and my sis 🙂

Proof that chipmunk chips run in the family :)

Proof that chipmunk chips run in the family 🙂

So i’ve had my taste of the fair for another 10 years.


This morning I didn’t wake up until 6:45a!   I could feel my legs hurting so I decided to eat and not get on the treadmill.  I ate and let it digest and decided to do Cathe’s Cardio Fusion.  I did the scrambled 80 mins segment.  OMG…I was wore out and a sweaty mess!  I’ll admit I didn’t do the squat jump things because i’m having some serious DOMS from my leg workout Monday.  If you’ve ever squatted 150 lbs or held 25 lber’s while doing walking lunges you understand.  I would use 30’s but I need to get another 30 lber. 


My mom gave a squash to me out of her garden so I couldn’t wait to “fry” it up!  It’s not on my meal plan but oh well HA!

Mmmm....veggie love!

Mmmm....veggie love!

After a few Kombucha’s and some Oxy Powder i’m feeling so much better today….just stayin 😮



  1. Awww but every now and then you gotta throw back to the good ol’ days and enjoy a fair! Cute pic with the Fam! 🙂

  2. OMG the trashy people is why I love the fair! Such an amazing place to people watch…while smelling all the fried goodness that I can’t/shouldn’t/choose not to eat.

  3. Oh yeah, the fair is full of quality people watching. The food smells are hard for me though, I am weak. AND, I do my walking lunges with 25 bls and it is HARD AS HECK for lil ole legs like mine!! There would be NO JUMPING for me whatsoever. lmao

  4. ewww fair skanks are nasty! Love the pic! Eating off your meal plan??!! Say it aint so!! (j/k obvi!)

  5. I had to google Kombucha and oxy powder lol! I would die without google and now I want some Kombucha! Your veggies look delicious!

  6. Okay strike that, I didn’t actually have to google oxy powder since you had a link lol 🙂

    • All I have to say is Oxy Powder = baby wipes….empties you out though 😉

  7. Yeah, the fairs do come with a lot of TRASH! That’s why I don’t like them for the most part. Plus too many people and most of them are shitty and rude. I don’t ride the rides because I feel as though they’re dangerous…they don’t maintenance them like King’s Island or Holiday World does. We need to hit up holiday world sometime! Get all brown and sexy! HAHA!

  8. hayleycepeda

    I have got to try kombucha!! I hear rave reviews about this stuff. I’m with you on fairs…we went to our state fair last Oct and I was ready to leave after 30 mins. I LOVE Cathe Friedrich!! I’ve been doing some of her weight stuff I tape off FitTV and I FEEL it! Then again I haven’t done many weights lately, but I love it! She’s awesome. 🙂 I think of you when doing her stuff because I know you are a step queen!

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