I boom boom powed the right speaker out of my Mp3 today 😀  Good thing hubs has the same playlist.  I’ve said it once and i’ll say it again.  That is the ONLY thing we never argue about.  I got in a 30 minute morning cardio session.  I was sprinting at 10.0 and it felt wonderful!  Today was ab day but i’ve been pouping all day long so i’ll wait until this weekend.  I think the Kombucha mixed with the Oxy Powder did a number on me but I feel so much better.  I went and visited my grams and cuz and came home and did Em’s workout.  I made it last 51 mins this time.


The weather was awesome today and Boomer spent all day outside.  I started to get worried about her and went to check and found this:

Love 001

Don’t worry though I haven’t finished them all yet I just put them in containers so I won’t overeat it 🙂

Love 002

Mike hinted that I haven’t made anything with the little mini pitas I got at Trader Joe’s so for his lunch I made some mini pizzas! pizza pizza

I wanted them but instead I ate what I was suppose to.



  1. I’m so curious as to what your meal plan is! At least Naturally More makes the cut 🙂 Life without nut butter seems so drab.

  2. So Kumbucha and Oxy..hmmm. perhaps it would help me:P

  3. OOOH i want one of those so bad!!!

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