Another Lucky Day!!

It was the Fed Ex guy who came to the house today 🙂  He brought these:

No artificial sweetner cola!

No artificial sweetner cola!

I got 1 of each flavor and can’t wait to try them.  I haven’t had cola in so long I hope they don’t give me that burp bubble! 

This is why I like to stay couped up in my house all week:

Love 001

I went to the Vitamin Shoppe and Nature’s Pharm.  I was excited to try the Justin’s Nut Butter this morning!  I did and it was yummy in my oats.  Mike liked it too.  I bought a couple things of almond milk because they were on sale.  Some pumpkin seeds too for Mikey.  At the Vitamin Shoppe I bought chia seeds, green tea extract and probiotics.  I’m going to get regular and stay there darnit 😉  I took my car to the Toyota place and got her oil changed and shoes rotated.  She’s much happier now.  Speaking of shoes I have a question:

How often do you change your running shoes?

I bought mine at the end of March and I think I need new ones again.  I feel like the bottom of my right foot is bruised, it even hurts to push the gas petal. 

Today I did this workout:  I used the RPE as the speeds on my treadmill and I only did a 4 min cooldown because I added another minute run fast at 8.0 mph.  My back is SO sore today it feels great!  I did deadlifts too which normally I don’t do alot.  Those along with Stacey’s single leg deadlifts my hammies are KILLING me!!

Love 004

Not sure what i’ll do the rest of the day.  Mike brought home a bike for me 🙂  My bday is next Friday so it’s kind of for that.  I want to ride it but now it’s storming again!  PetSmart is on the agenda because Boomer is out of food.  Bi/tris/abs and cardio later also!  Have a great weekend!



  1. Marthab

    How are you getting all this fun stuff? Is it free?

    The amount you use your shoes, I’d say 4-6 months tops.

    Good luck on the regularity!

  2. What’s the soda deal? I haven’t heard of that? Tell me more and tell me what’s the deal with Chia? I see everyone incorporating this and yet I don’t know WHY- like what the specific benefits are. Just curious.
    Rock the workouts girl!! WOOT!

  3. Yay!! ever since we moved to the burbs i’ve wanted a bike! What kind did you get? Hope your workouts today are awesome!

  4. I’m with Martha, I want free stuff too! 🙂 Single leg deadlifts are definitely my new favorite exercise…hurts so good!

  5. How dare you let Boomer run out of food!! LOL
    Ok, I love almond breeze but I get the unsweetend one. It only has 30 cals and like 1g of sugar!! I like to use it instead of regular milk in the offseason as well, it’s SO tasty on cereal.

  6. I tried the giner ale but did not like it. I look forward to your thought on them.

  7. You should hit up a running store and have them assess your shoes for you, see what kind of wear and tear you’re putting on them to help you choose a better pair. Shoes should last between 300-700 miles depending on wear and tear. Sounds like you might need a different shoe. Also a good idea is to track your mileage on your shoes, I track mine and all my runs on It even sends you a reminder to get new shoes!

    • I just added up and in 3 months I put 432 miles on them…that may be my problem. I think i’ll still go and see what type I should get thanks!

  8. Hey girl~

    The Zevia is different to be sure. I liked the Root Beer flavor but the others were…meh. STILL it’s nice to have a more natual alternative.

    I just got a HUGE box of Sunbutter samples..woohoooooo



  9. hayleycepeda

    That’s a great idea to use the RPE’s as speed on the treadmill! I never thought about that. Looks like an awesome workout!

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