Holy Sweet Chocolate Nibs!

Where have these been all my life?  I’m a fan…a big fan.  I put some in my oats this morning and it was heaven.  Oh yes, the cute UPS man visited me yesterday.

Love 001

Navitas Naturals will have my business in the future.   Talk about a very professional company.  Along with my goodies I got 2 booklets on their products including recipes to try out.  I’m very interested in learning about knew superfoods and holy moly they have a trail power bag that you must check out!  I’m keeping my fingers crossed that Nature’s Pharm carries this so I can load up and take some on our vacation.


I had an emergency combined with an epic failure yesterday.  I was emailing with Angela yesterday telling her about the yummy PWO shake Iwas going to make and remembered I used my last scoop of protein powder that morning.  So in 2 mins I was at the Vitamin Shoppe like an addict going through withdraw.  I pick up the Jay Robb powder because they were the only sample type pack that they had.  I then headed home and worked my legs…killer workout!

So remember those blubes that I bought yesterday?  Well they were in the freezer freezing.  I poured a packet of protein in my mug, some glutamine, raw choco nibs and then opened the freezer door and sat the mug on the shelf while I put in the ice cubs.  I better put some chia seeds in there and slam goes the freezer door.  Yep, you guessed it:



Oh yeah, I forgot to mention the amazing grass that was in it too 😉  It must have been the euphoria I was in from the Kombucha earlier because I just laughed!  Don’t worry no blubes were thrown out and they are a big mess in my freezer bag now.  I figure I put them in shakes and oats so what if there is some protein powder and amazing grass on them.


I have a family reunion this weekend, any suggestions on what to make?



  1. Margarita

    Dude!!! Seriously! You must have a talent for getting this stuff from the companies! I tried but I am not that lucky… 😦 The only thing I got was a Whey, Rice and Egg PP from Jay Robb and even that was in Vanilla only – boo! Stingy bastard! lol

    Make a healthy dessert for the reunion, like ‘raw’ cake or something. I have a recipe for a carrot cake (you bake it though) if you are interested… 😉

  2. I want some of them there nibs. lol

  3. Isn’t Kumbucha awesome? I LOOOOOOOOVE that stuff!

  4. woah lol

  5. =)

  6. april

    I want those cocoa nibs!! Let us know how they taste!

    • They are THE BOMB!!!!!

  7. Those nibs sound great! Ahh, sorry the blubes were a fail!

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