Great Start!

This morning I jumped out of bed ready to try Em’s new cardio she posted.  First things first, pack Mike’s lunch, chug some amazing grass, whey, and glutamine concoction and turn on Married With Children.  It’s a doozy is right!  Man, I was sweating my balls fat off.  It felt great!  I ended up burning 418 cals, and my Max HR was 181.  My avg was 150 and that was including the cool down.  I admit to almost killing myself walking on an incline backwards but I lived to tell about it.  I had to put the speed to 2.5 and my HR during that was 164!  Sweaty, sweaty so I took a shower.

This is exactly what I looked like afterwards :D

This is exactly what I looked like afterwards 😀

I came down to make a BIG bowl of oats.  1 cup, blubes, chia seeds, few cacoa nibs and 1 tsp of PB YUM!  I also had 3 egg whites and coffee.  I was checking email, eating, listening to Boomer snore and started sweating again.  I had to go and take another shower.  Now that is a great workout!  Thanks Em!


Now it’s time for a glass of Vodka Kombucha….trying the grape one!



  1. going to try that workout right now!!! after my leg workout..eek.

  2. LOL OMG.
    That is a freaking huge bfast. I would be a cow.
    You earned it though!

  3. Wow – sounds like a great workout!! My HRM has yet to hit 181! haha

  4. That sounds like an intense workout! I am going to have to check it out right now!

  5. gewd jobbbbb


    I’m doing running again…didn’t want to with the strict diet but now that my comp date isnt until november I can have more carbs which means more running. I’ll probably end up looking a lot better this way me thinks!!!!

    I’m eating my flax wrap with turkey and pepp jack cheese… i think this is what heaven is like

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