29 Again For The 6th Year

Yesterday was a great day 😀  I got a pedicure FINALLY!  What color do you think I got??


I went and had lunch with these lovely girls.  My nieces, I can’t believe Mike’s sister is a year older than me and has 3 kids this age.

Sara(9), Stephanie(14), and Chelsea(16)

Sara(9), Stephanie(14), and Chelsea(16)

I had the greek salad w/ chicken of course and I won’t bore you with a picture because you’ve seen it before.  I tend to find my “safe” foods and stick with them.  I did bring my pitas home though so I could make a pizza with them!


Workouts for the day included Em’s 45 min Shredmill workout, back, abs and another 34 mins on the treadmill.  All to prep for my ice cream cake WOO!

Cute :)

Cute 🙂

I got lots moola and a cute little Longaberger dish from my Aunt.  I used it this morning.

Love 017

After eating just a tiny piece of cake I felt a sugar rush and it was awful.  My face literally started to swell and turned red.  Then the legs, knees, and ankles.  Man, it really sucks when you’re body isn’t use to sweets.  I got home and drank a TON of water though and it started feeling better. 


Then I made my pizza with my pitas!  Mmmm….is was SO good and better than any franchise pizza that’s for sure.

tuna, tomato, onion, oregano, and a bit of goat cheese

tuna, tomato, onion, oregano, and a bit of goat cheese

Oh yeah, I can’t wait…..

The finishing touch...needed some green

The finishing touch...needed some green

Now after looking at that work of art i’ll leave you with my nasty feet.  😉  I’m gonna have to have surgery on them some day…i’m prolonging it.



When I walked through the door I told Mike to guess what color I got…guess i’m predictable because he guessed right 🙂



  1. I love your little pita pizzas! And your orange toes. I want to get a pedicure today – no matter what!! and get my eyebrows waxed… eek! TMI? If so, sorry! I’m glad you had a fun lunch with your cute nieces!!

  2. happy birthday april!! those pita pizzas look SO GOOD. hope your day was fab! sounds like it was!

  3. Glad you had a good bday

  4. Marthab

    How did I not realize it was your birthday???

    Happy Belated Birthday! xoxo Hope it was great!

  5. Alright, you are the second blog to post that you did the Shredmill so it’s really sparking my curiosity – I guess I’ll have to give it a try next week.

    My mom used to sell Longaberger baskets and dishes. You brought back a few memories!

    Glad you had a good birthday!

  6. EM


    Sounds like you had an oh so fabulous day, much deserved!

    Don’t you love birthdays? it’s like new years (or the first of the month landing on a monday) The new-ness is great. I hope you felt awesome all day!!!! But don’t stop there, make it a BIRTHDAY WEEKEND!!!!!!!!!!!! YAHHHH!!!

    Lots of love and birthday wishes,

    EM =)

  7. Happy Birthday Girl! Loving the orange! 🙂

  8. april

    Cute toes!

    And cute cake!! I hate how if you haven’t eaten something in a while it really hurts your tummy! ugh!

  9. I know this is overly-belated but HAPPY BIRTHDAY APRIL!!! Your pizza looks delicious!! I agree with you that home made is always better than store-bought or franchise stuff. I don’t see anything wrong with your feet..??

  10. Happy Belated Birthday Baby!!

  11. Angela

    I forgot to tell you…that cake is too cute 🙂

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