sweet home alabama….didn’t eat the toast 😉

downsized 0806092009



  1. OMG. What is this? I want it all!! 😉

  2. hahaha, love it!

  3. Cathy

    you’re too funny!! I get excited too about food-enjoy your trip!!!

  4. Angela

    i would have eaten the toast 😉

  5. Love it!! Looks so homemade!

  6. Southern Heaven…that’s what is…I’m convinced it takes years off you life though :o)

    I too would have eaten the toast!

  7. Em

    Oh my gosh, before I read comments, I too, was saying, Oh hell I’d eat the damn toast!
    Get it girl!

    Have a blasty

  8. Tea

    looks like shredded bbq beef, coleslaw, and texas toast! Yum!I would have piled it on te toast and tried to eat it, wearing half i the process no doubt 😉 lol and what is this Kombucha tea?!?! everyone is talking about it. Wants to know more!

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