Back and Bloated

Boomer knew the minute we got out the suitcases.  She was sad on the way to Grandpa’s.

Alabama 09 003

We had a wonderful time in Alabama and Florida.    I am a water and sodium logged mess though.  I know it will pass so i’m not worried.  While we were there we did cardio everyday and it was so much fun!  I have never sweated like that before.  It was HOT!

Alabama 09 012

We stayed in a FEMA trailer while in Alabama.  Man, those things are nice.  Of course we could have stayed in Zack and Amanda’s house but this was like having our own hotel room.

Alabama 09 008

Our condo in Florida was the shiz!  I ended up in the ocean first and then the pool.  My nose is already peeling although I don’t think I got that much sun.  I was wearing 50 spf LOL!

Alabama 09 028

Alabama 09 031

I didn’t get to read the comments from all of you I drove by until I got home 😦  Maybe next time 😉  I did yell hi to Jodi though because I know where she lives.

We’re doing laundry and crap tonight.  I hate coming back, it’s even more work!

I’m now almost 12 weeks out from Kentucky Muslce.  I’m sure the yummy food I ate while I was down there didn’t help out my progress any 😀  I had THE best red velvet cake EVER!  I am normally a chocolate person but dang this was good cake.  Amanda’s mom is AWESOME and needs to enter a cake off challenge is all i’m saying.  Amanda is a wonderful cook herself.  She made homemade BBQ sauce and it was the bomb!  I saw her put a whole stick of butter in it but hey I was in the deep south on vacation.  We had fresh red snapper one night and it was the best fish in the world.  She made homemade tarter sauce and I had a mental block about eating it but gave in.  I didn’t think twice about the cake I just dove into that.  Okay, i’ll post some more pics tomorrow.  I need to watch Big Brother tonight!



  1. Red velvet cake IS chocolate, silly! 😀 Glad you had a great time! Just love the ocean!! It sounds like the eats were scrumptious as well!

  2. Welcome back!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Glad you had fun – the places look nice – FEMA trailer – love it! Love pupper’s collar. Hope you get settled back in quickly – and yes, sometimes you need a vacay from your vacay!!

  4. Welcome back my dear! So glad you had a great time! Perfect time it now and do your diet. Are you going to do bikini at KY muscle?

    • I’m not sure if i’ll do bikini or figure yet. Either way I need to get in shape and have fun doing it!

  5. Aww you were right in my back yard at some point! Don’t worry I’m sure with your crazy cardio butt that bloat will be gone in no time!

  6. ana

    glad you had a good time. so when do you plan on doing your show? and are you working with tony?

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