13 weeks to go!

  • NO blue chips…not even
    NO greek yogurt, I don’t care that it’s “healthy”
    NO protein bars just because you got them free
    NO extra TBSP of PB just because it’s on the meal plan from that day
    NO Country Bob’s all purpose sauce
    NO more waiting 5 hrs between meals
    NO more 7 reps, if it’s light enough go heavier
    REMEMBER to take your flax oil!
  • No more sweet cacao nibs (boohoohoo)
  • No Mary’s Gone Crackers…gone is the key word


I was thinking I had 12 weeks so this is better.  I will be competing in the Kentucky Muscle bikini division.  This is exciting and new for me!  Tony is working up a new meal plan  and once I get it i’ll be 100% following that thing so I can get some chub off.  Vacation eating set me back a bit but I know it’ll go away fast.  Thanks for you input and help Becca!


The foggy look is from air conditioner to HOT outside

The foggy look is from air conditioner to HOT outside

I promise I won’t bore you with more vacation pics 😉

My attempt at staying healthy on vacation ;)

My attempt at staying healthy on vacation 😉


Okay really, no more.


This morning I got up and ate breakfast, then took Boomer for a nice walk.  She is worn out!  I think i’ll go get on the treadmill now and get some of this bloat off.  I have bis/tris and abs to work later.  Mike is going to a friends so i’ll have all the time in the world to get it done.  Tomorrow we are going hiking in Brown County!  It’s the state park here and it’s beautiful and the only place that has hills LOL!



  1. april

    Ahh I don’t like your no mores! lol. No extra tbsp of peanut butter?? ahhhh!! ;D

  2. oh! i am SO stoked for your list b/c it is similar to my own. only i am not epically amazing like you and am not competing in anything. please post your meals~it will help me so much! i cant wait to follow you these next 13 weeks.

  3. Hope you had a great hike today! That list of stuff scares me!! 🙂 I know you’ll rock it out though!

  4. Go get it girl!! Let’s crush it! Let’s amaze ourselves!! Sounds like you are on fire!! Just like me….!! Let’s ROCK! WOOT!!

  5. Hey, it ain’t no thang but a chicken wang! LOL
    I am happy that you are happy with your decision and look forward to seeing you rock that bikini stage! You are gonna do it girl! Bikini needs quality girls like you, me, lizzy, etc, to prove that we train hard and diet hard too, and we will be bringin’ rockin’ bodies to the stage by late fall!

    I have decided for sure to get that one suit we talked about from suitsyouswimwear, just not sure if fucsia or red is the way to go….

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