Back To The Grind

Vacation is now officially over 😦  Mike had to go back to work today.  Not only did he go back but it’s a new office and it’s 45 mins away counting on no back ups.  We went there for an open house yesterday.  I resisted the cake, cookies and brownies that were calling my name.  He had a brownie and cookie.  Then he wanted ice cream!  Man, I wish I had his metabolism.  I would still eat healthy of course but instead of ounces and cups I would be eating lbs and quarts 😀


I’m doing good with my no’s list so far.  I forgot to write no raw pumpkin seeds and now that the bag is finished I can do this too.  I am going to keep chia seeds because I think they help me in the bathroom area.  Normally during a prep I don’t keep things in the house that I really want.  Right now there are Blue Chips and chocolate squares 😮  My mind is set though so there will be no digging into that stuff.


I’m trying to decide on a bikini to wear for the show.  There are SO many options and cute ones out there.  I’ve got in narrowed down though I think.  I’ve been checking out to see what the girls have been wearing.  There is such a variety and all the girls physiques are so different.  I can’t wait to be leaner and now that i’m focused it will happen. 


I had a great 45 min cardio session this morning and Boomer and I went for a walk as well.  I also walked to the grocery store and walking back was a workout.  I didn’t plan on buying as much as I did.  When I left I had put some green beans in the oven.  I don’t know if it was Becca or Genie that I learned this from but whoever it was ROCKS!  You don’t have to boil them which takes a step out of the way I use to make them.  Just spray on some Pam, seasoning if you want, bake @ 425 for 30 mins and there done.  Better than french fries and even the hubs enjoyed them.


Question:  I need new cookware.  Mine is 10 years old and starting to show it.  I thought about getting Rachael Ray’s stuff because, well, it is orange and affordable.  What kind do you have or recommend.



  1. nice job on resisting. damn those men, right?! my boyfriend eats and eats and eats and has the nicest physique. and eats bad foods at that! sigh. i have wanted to try chia seeds for a long time but still can’t find any to purchase locally, but i don’t want to order them online in fear i don’t like them. i look forward to seeing what suit you end up picking out! you still have a long time to look around. i have never tried baking green beans! do you think i could do that with frozen ones or do they need to be fresh? i have a whole costco bag of frozen ones right now! cookware i can’t help you with, i have purchased a few nice pans now and then but since i live with roommates they ALWAYS get ruined! so i wont be investing in any until i have a house of my own. i did get a baller knife set for my birthday from the boyfriend, i keep it under my bed!!! haha, i am protective of those babies!

  2. The chia seeds don’t really have a taste so you should be alright. I buy them at the Vitamin Shoppe.

    I would think you could do that with the frozen beans if you thawed them out first??

    Men, they suck HA!

  3. April (Foods of April)

    Hmm I think those chia seeds have been helping me in the bathroom area too! I’m in need of new cooking appliances too..especially knifes!

  4. uh – the boys make me SO jealous. I can’t say it enough! haha I need new cookware too, looking forward to your readers’ advice!

  5. I bought a set of Cuisinart cookware that I absolutely love. But – you cannot put it in the dishwasher. I don’t mind though because it cleans up really easily. I will send you an email with a link. You can get a similar set at Bed Bath and Beyond and use a 20% off coupon. I’ve had it over four years and it still looks great.

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