Stupid Indiana

What up?  Not much here…just being jobless.  I really need to LOOK for a job.  First it was i’ll wait until after vacation, now it’s i’ll wait until after my show in November 🙂  I went and met with another jobless friend at Starbucks this morning.  I took my Amazing Grass shaker with a bit of almond milk and stevia in it to put in my grande cafe americano.  Did I mention my shaker had Pina Colada in it during vacation?  Yes it did 😀


So I got these in the mail a few weeks ago and guess what?  Not a store in site!  Not that I can use them until after my comp anyway but still.  I’m sitting here drinking the last of my free Kombuchas’s I got and this will be the last one of those for the next 12 weeks too…sob sob.  I’m in LOVE with them.  Maybe 1 a week won’t hurt?  It’s better than vodka right?

Chobani Yogurt...wouldn't know if it's any good?

Chobani Yogurt...wouldn't know if it's any good?

Last night I made Mike a wonderful looking dessert.  I took a fudge brownie vitatop and microwaved it for 15 seconds.  Then I put a little bit of Edy’s chocolate ice cream on it topped with a few semi sweet chocolate nibs.  Man, it looked good.  When i’m “in the zone” nothing phases me.  Okay, maybe pumpkin seeds and other trail mixes but that’s why they don’t stay in the house anymore.

It's rough being me

It's rough being me



  1. Hey Sweets! Glad to hear you are doing a show again! 🙂

    Love your sweet doggie! He needs to come over and play with Remy!


  2. bummer about the lack of chobani in your area. ironically i just bougth 4 containers today because they were on sale at WF! nice job on making and reesisting that glorious dessert. i love your poochie~check back to my blog tonight for a special pooch surprise 🙂

  3. Mary

    Hey ladies as much as I would LOVE to meet you all as I feel like I know you…the shows are in Florida!

    I wish you ALL the luck at the KY show BOTH of you…I know you will BOTH do great!

    Work hard….keep your eye on the prize and KEEP PUSHING!

    Keep me posted on your progress! I will do the same!

    Have a blessed night!

  4. Dawn Bolt

    Just bought chobani at The Fresh Market yesterday, 4 for $5. I tried blueberry today and it was yummy. I’m still feeling full from it 3 hours ago (16 grams of protein in only 120 calories!).

  5. hey thanks for your comment- i think i have read your blog once before so thanks for helping me find it again! I love the blend of figure competitor + foodie 🙂 its like the ultimate conflict of loving food on a diet but it has helped me realise that quality really is more important than quantity!
    go hard the next 12 wks!!

  6. GREAT PICS! Wishing for some luck for you on the job front. WHEN you’re ready, ofcourse!

    So glad you had a great vacation!

    Good luck on the bikini contest! I’m sure you’ll do wonderfully!

  7. April (Foods of April)

    I’m on the job hunt too.. sigh

  8. Your dessert sounds awesome!

    I love the pup photo! Yours looks just like my Dixie 🙂

    Good luck with the job search… I’m in the same boat and it can be tough!

  9. Chobani yogurt is yummy – thick and creamy, but fat free too!

    Your dog is adorable. What a cute pic.

  10. Girl where do you live again?? And wow snaps to you that you can make the man some sweets and not give in. You are stronger than me. 😉

  11. OOH you are a good one for not licking the Edy’s spoon. I don’t go overboard with the sweets but I totally would have licked the spoon. When I was in prep last time, I was making Tim brownies once a week or something like that, and I DO admit to licking spoons…

    Hey the unemployment rate in MI is the worst in the nation right now… I have more than one perfectly qualified yet unemployed friend…

    BTW – The almond milk. I have been meaning to blog about it. Do you get the unsweetened vanilla? LOVE IT

    • I use the unsweetened vanilla and original 🙂

  12. Love pupper picture! I’m fairly certain i’d be incapable of making Austin a dessert of any kind without making myself one… of equal size. Sigh. Hope you like the yogurt!

  13. Hey U wanna meet up in greenwood sometime? I miss you, and I have LOTS to tell you!

    • OF COURSE!

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