Lick It Up, Lick It Up

Oh yeah  I did!  Can’t waste this.

Don't cry over spilled oats

Don't cry over spilled oats

I got my new plan and i’m ready to kick it hardcore!  It’s very doable and these next 12 weeks will fly by.  Many of you are intrigued about what this diet will be.  I can’t give full details since i’m working with a trainer but it’s something like this:

  1. eggs and oats
  2. protein and veggies
  3. protein and veggies
  4. pwo shake
  5. protein and veggies
  6. whey shake

Love it!  I’ll be on this diet until my weight stalls and then he’ll switch things up.  It would be nice if I could say this would be my diet for the next 12 weeks but we’re learning my body is really stubborn.  I don’t have these awesome genetics they make me retain muscle while losing fat.  Plus when I lose fat i’m left with an oddly proportioned body.  My waist gets really small while my hips still hold fat.  I’ll only get getting better those as I continue training and learning what my body does.


Now i’m off to my mom’s garden to steal get tomatoes!  She’s at work so she’ll never know…not that she cares ;).



  1. april

    Definitely lick up every last bite!!

  2. What in the world?! How do you make your oats? LOL They look like Spaghettios! LOL!

  3. Angela

    what the heck is in your oats? LOL!

  4. LOL! They do look pretty sick huh? It’s just oats, water and protein powder. I put way too much water in there and was microwaving for another minute and they spilled over 😦

  5. Angela

    ohh…its chocolate protien…LOL!

  6. ah! i hate the explosion! i switched to stovetop just because i had so many casualties like this one. ha. hooray for fresh tomatoes!

  7. Ha, I have this ONE bowl that does not get explosions and I use it every time. I do not envy your diet 😉 lol!

  8. Are you working with a NEW trainer?

  9. Oh wait….just looked at what you posted as your diet…I am guessing NOT new trainer…. lol

    • LOL! Stef if I would have posted my diet before this you would have thought I had a different trainer. I LIVED this summer WOO! Didn’t think I would compete again but I got the bug 🙂

  10. ana

    i too wanna know who the trainer is april?????

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