Run Down


This was how I felt all weekend.  It must be the competition diet?  Saturday was alright and I took a rest day.  We went house shopping.  I love looking at other peoples houses 😀  I always open the pantry too and look inside..yes i’ll admit it.  The cities we’re looking at are much different then where I live now.  Sure we have Target, Walmart and Kroger but up there they have Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s and other fresh market stores.  You can tell “healthy” living cities and I would LOVE to be a part of one.  The people look different up there I swear.  Much healthier than down here.  All I get to look at everyday are the people who barely fit in there cars stuffing McD’s down there faces…seriously. 


My body looks much better after starting my diet.  I actually had more energy on Friday than i’ve had in a few weeks it was great!  I think my body is trying to get sick and i’m not letting it.  That is what wonderful glutamine is for…it’s a miracle cure.


I had a couple of job interviews last week but nothing that I accepted or anything.  I wish I was a youngster starting out looking for a job again.  Now i’m someone who worked the same place for 12 years and was set in her ways.  I did get a call from a lady who use to work with me and asked me to come and help her because she didn’t know how to do any of my stuff LOL!  I miss her 😦  I miss all my old coworkers.  Oh well, i’ll find something but i’m in no hurry to make a stupid rushing decision.


Time for cardio!


What do you do when you’re feeling like you may be getting sick?  I up my dosage of glutamine and drink apple cidar vinegar!  I havent’ been really sick in over 2 years!


  1. april

    I’ve never heard of glutamine! Interesting! I take zicam.. it works wonders!

  2. Stay away from Zicam Swabs. they have proven that it can effect sense of smell….hmm maybe that is a goiod thing:)

    I take Kickass Immune from whole Foods and lots of Vit C/green tea

  3. I load up on Airbourne when I feel it coming on! Everyone says it doesn’t work, but I swear it nips it in the bud every time!

    I would kill for a Trader Joes around me. We have Fresh Markets and Whole Foods, but I never shop there. It’s too darn expensive!

  4. haha every time i see the photo of that pooped puppy i crack up. glad to hear the diet is working it’s charm and giving you more energy! good luck on the hunt. i use airborne and zicam usually, but i ALWAYS end up sick so i guess it doesn’t work.

  5. hayleycepeda

    I drink tons of water and I took a zicam once…not sure if it helped though? I don’t think I was getting sick. Well, I didn’t get sick so maybe it did help! LOL…HOUSE SHOPPING how fun!!! I love getting decorating ideas because I am very un-artistic.

  6. Sometimes when I forget to take my glutamine, I notice a huge difference so keep taking it. I drink my ACV/LJ every day as well.

    Don’t worry on the job front honey, something will come along that will fit you to a “T.” 🙂


    ~ E

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