Dance Your Ass Off!

Dance Your Ass Off

Is anyone else obsessed with this show?  I love it!  I can’t believe the way some of those girls can move there bods!  As I was huffing and puffing trying to do my workout I thought of them.



What is your take on this billboard?  I think it is hilarious myself.  I am not vegetarian and when I look at it, my interpretation is different than what people are causing an uproar about.


Tonight we’re having a cookout at mom’s!  I’m getting out of the house WOO!  I’ll be bring my food with me of course 😉  Someday I SWEAR i’ll live like a normal human being.


Cardio this morning was pathetic.  I either do have something or the lack of carbs is taking its toll already.  My body will get use to it again….I was spoiled this summer.  Cream of Wheat, Bread, Fruit, and PB to think I actually got sick of eating that stuff LOL!



  1. i hope you aren’t getting sick! i have never seen that billboard, but my thoughts are that being vegetarian isn’t gonna make you thin! i know many a chubby vegetarians..and vegans for that matter…

    • Janetha I agree. Plus being vegetarian doesn’t mean you can go and eat all the twinkies and ding dongs you want mmmm…ding dongs.

  2. LOL. What is all the uproar about the billboard? I haven’t heard. I myself can’t stand PETA. I am good with ethical/fair and Humane treament of animals but I do believe God put them on the earth and put US on earth to have dominion over them, so grill me up a steak! Gimme my meat protein anyday.

    I was gonna ask you how the new diet was coming along…I am doing lower carbs this week and Tim took Jes’ complex carbs out for a week to see how it will kickstart her again…oh btw, did you order your suitsyouswimewear suit yet? I wonder what the shipping costs? Jes and I were going to order together when it gets closer b/c we want to get the free shipping for orders over 100. let me know if you’re interested…I’m sure I could ship to you cheaper…

    • I think I may be getting mine from flirt catalog. I’m gonna get something cute and different because i’m weird like that. I don’t care what the standards are 😉

      I’m glad you’re there for her when she feels like there is no way she will do this. We all go through that 🙂

  3. OK….the whole billboard thing is just stupid. People who go veggie can consume just as many calories as those who don’t….seriously lots of calories in nuts, hummus and PLENTY of other dishes. I’m all for people doing what they really believe( treatment of animals) in but let’s not place stupid shit on a billboard for the world to see.

    Ignorant and a tad bit tasteless was my take on this.

    Pass the chicken please.

    B is for Bitchy:)

  4. I’ve never heard of the show! Think the ad is funny – hehe. Speaking of ding dongs, I could so go for a twinkie right now (member of the ding dong family, right?)

  5. I’m joining ya on the low carb-ness! Let the roll-a-coster of emotions begin! haha!

  6. Well, I’m definitely not offended by it but I think it is hysterical that they’re trying to claim that being vegetarianism will make you thin. I’m living proof that THAT isn’t true! 😀

  7. PETA gets on my last nerve. And clearly being vegetarian doesn’t mean skinny necessarily.
    are you on like NO carbs at all? That bites. I’ve been eating like a dang machine this week with Aunt Flo. DAYUM.
    😉 Time to tighten it all up.

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