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I’d be lying if I said all is honky dory in ape town.  I’ve been so exhausted and yesterday during cardio my HR was REALLY low despite trying to get it higher.  It was odd.  I did meet a friend at Starbucks and then we went trail walking.  That hour flew by.  She had more to say than Boomer usually does.  Again even during that walk my HR was around 109 and typically it would be 130~145.  Just an odd day.  This morning I didn’t wear my HR because I didn’t want to get PO’d.  I did have a better cardio session.


Over the summer my carb intake was around 150g~200g and I had amazing energy.  I was considering never competing again because I loved the way I was eating.  All the fruit, PB and other carbs.  That for me got old.  I needed a challenge again.  Right now I still get oatmeal and i’m eating veggies for carbs.  I love being this strict…I know it’s not for everyone.  I’m feeling better body wise after being on this diet for a week.  Now my energy and mind are out the window but who needs that?  As long as I look good in a bikini…i kid i kid. 


I had to drive all over town to find some green beans.  I finally did though.  Come on, this is Indiana and there are farms on every street corner.

It was worth it!

It was worth it!

Here is a picture of my HAWT hubby.  When he comes in from a run he always asks if he can give me a hug…um no thanks.  Actually I normally say yes out of habit and then when I look i’m like EW!!!  Mike is running a marathon Oct 17th.  He is hoping to qualify for the Boston and then he wants to run that.  It’s on his bucket list along with a Porsche 911 Turbo.  The Boston will get crossed off that list 😉 

What's for dessert?  Ice cream?

What's for dessert? Ice cream?

Tonight i’m meeting my friend Louisa at JCPenney’s.  I will NOT buy anything.  It’s my mission.  I leave you with the dog who has the most miserable life in the world.  She never gets to go on walks or rides in the car, she has to eat out of the trash and has never been to the vet for the littlest things to make sure she’s okay.  Dog toys are not allowed and treats are never bought either.

Whoa is me...awful life I have.

Whoa is me...awful life I have.



  1. Maybe you need to switch up the type of cardio you are doing. When I first started spinning I would burn like 800 calories in a hour…I’m not kidding. Now I’m lucky if I hit 550. I think our bodies just adjust after a while.

    Maybe try swimming laps? One slow lap, one sprint lap, etc. Swimming always kicks my booty because I never do it!

    • Thanks Reese! I did TRY and do step aerobics on Monday and it was a joke. Over the summer I breezed through that DVD and Monday I was having to take breaks and couldn’t do the whole thing…sad. Mike encouraged me though and said we just have days like that and not to worry 🙂

  2. ana


  3. How about a weighted vest? I hear they really help burn calories.

    Did you ever buy any new cookware? I saw the Rachael Ray set at the store the other day. It is orange. Thought of you!

    Yeah – your dog and my dog both have the same horrible life. It’s a tragedy, isn’t it? 😉

  4. haha, i wish the puppers photo was not so dark. good luck on the no-purchase will power! i need some of that myself. hope you get some energy from somewhere soon!

  5. Aw poor pupper! hehe cute photo. I’m sorry about your HR. Boo. I hate when I’m just not feeling my workout or not feeling like i’m getting enough out of it. 😦

  6. Michelle

    Have you thought about low thyroid? Could cause tiredness and low HR.

    • Hi Michelle. I just had my thyroid checked last month and they said it was normal?? Stupid doctors, what do they know 😉

  7. Aw, i wonder if your HR monitor is just effed up?
    that seems strange…

    Sweaty hubbies. Not my fav either…

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