Another One

I have an interview again today.  Same place as here only on the southside!  The lady who interviewed me up north liked me and referred me to the place down here.  I just got the sorry we found someone else letter when I got back from vacation but I wasn’t upset.  So now Mike and I have some big decisions.  Do we move, stay down here?  Oh what to do.  Everything is keeping us from moving and we’re not going to walk away from the house.  So i’ve got to put on “the dress” and head out and drive 5 minutes up the road LOL!  Right by the mall EEK!


I was going to take a rest day today but ended up doing my back workout anyway.  I figured i’d rather have a day off on the weekend 😀  Eating plan is going great although I have some stomach problems but that is normal.  I’ve narrowed it down to my beloved Met-rx shake 😦  So I have 4 more packets left and then I won’t use them anymore.  Closer towards comp those yummies are taken out anyway. 


Last night was an emotional roller coaster.  I felt fat.  I had to actually put normal people clothes on to go to the mall and I hated it.  I actually ended up wearing a baggy t-shirt and nike shorts.  My friend doesn’t care and we had fun regardless.  We tried on clothes and I put on a small top and a size 4 skirt and was drowning in the outfit.  I just really wish I could see what others see.  I did well and didn’t buy anything!  Until I got home and spent $88 on 😉


On a happier note…sort of.  We are going to go on a cruise again April 3rd.  The stupid part of my mind is like oh great, there goes any chance of competing early in the year.  I’ve really got to get a grip and life people 🙂  Nah, i’m enjoying this right now so i’ll live it up.  Plus just the fact of NOT knowing what’s ahead of me is driving me bonkers.  I’m a scheduler, everything is planned and scheduled and if not…I go psycho!!!!!!!



  1. good luck on the interview! you will ace it. and i hope you can resist the mall 😉 bummer that the problemo is your shake that you love, but it will be better in the long run to not have tum issues i suppose. glad to hear the diet is going well for you, i am so looking forward to when you compete! you will be so great! and hooray for a cruise.. i have never been on one~must do!

  2. Woo I DID ace it! They loved me 🙂

  3. Yvette

    I’m a planner and scheduler too, living in limbo makes things a tad difficult for us lol. I hope your able to see which direction your going in soon. Good luck with the interview!

  4. Yvette

    wait… did you get the job? I just read you comment after posting mine.

    • April

      Hey Tea! No I didn’t get the job…yet. I’m actually not sure of the pay or hours either BUT I can tell they liked me 🙂

  5. I can totally relate on all of the above… it must be a redhead thing 🙂 It’s okay… we have each other 😉 Maybe some vision correction might help what we see… they really need to come up with a procedure 🙂 BTW… keep going to the interviews and convincing Mike that you truly are looking for a job… who wants to work 🙂 Seriously… when you are into fitness like us the job just gets in the way 🙂

  6. BTW do I have to be a bug when I post… Jeez 🙂

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