September Already?

Wow this year has flown by.  Even being bored all day long not having a job and all.  I haven’t been on the computer that much the past couple of days because it is WAY to nice outside.


Workouts and meal plans are moving right along and i’m starting to see a hint of some progress!  For me this time it’s starting with the pelvic region and I believe my upper arms.  My fat comes and goes from a different place everytime.  My waist is 25″ right now and it’s NOT moving.  Grrr…my very first show I got that puppy down to 23.25″.  I’m really loving my meal plan right now.  There is no reason to want to eat something off of it.  Except for maybe a nut or 2 😉


Sunday was such a nice family day.  Mike and I took Boomer on a great walk and then Mike actually went grocery shopping with me!  Yesterday I hit up the Nature’s Pharm and stocked up on almond milk.  I use this as creamer for my coffee now w/ a dropper of the vanilla stevia YUM!


11 more weeks to turn myself into a bikini girl minus the big fake boobs!


What’s your all time favorite board game?  Mine would have to be Clue or Fireball Island.  I miss Fireball Island, wonder if it’s still sold anywhere?



  1. Fake boobs are completely overrated. You are one hot tamale au naturale girl!!! 🙂

  2. Monopoly..i turn VERY evil!

  3. CathyC

    I loved Clue as a kid…and fake boobs are so last decade…2010 is all about “real” and natural improvements, you are there!!!
    Hope I don’t offend anyone it’s all for fun, ya know!

  4. glad you are loving what you eat. that is really important, so you don’t go bonkers! hmm not really a “board” game but i love boggle!

  5. ana

    wooo 1 1 weeks april thats awesome girl! and 25″ waist lucky you mine is at 30 yuck!

  6. hehe your posts crack me up! This year HAS flown by. I started my blog exactly one year ago today – crazy!

    Clue was a fave fo sho! And I loved Life and, let’s be honest, Mall Madness!!

    • Mall Madness…GUILTY!

  7. I’ll donate some of my real boobs to you. XD

    • Deal LOL!

  8. MONOPOLY all the way. I always win. 😉

    • You and Barb need to play together and battle it out!

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