Sunshine Days!

Who doesn’t like the Brady Bunch? 

It’s been so nice here and now someone’s drying their clothes and I smell their dryer sheets mmm…..can it get any better?  YES!  Maybe a trip to the mall!  I’m going there in a bit and i’m eating lunch at Applebee’s.  I’m getting a side salad and bringing my own chicken.  This requires a purse, I normally don’t do purses.


Yesterday after my workout I made some puff pastry cookies!  They were awesome! good! good!

I was surprised at finding 1 more packet of Met-rx though so I may enjoy that today.  My stomach wasn’t bloated this morning though hmmm….sorry Met-rx.  Tonights workout is legs!  He’s throwing some different moves my way too so that will = ouchy.


Breakfast this morning was so yummy!  I’ve perfected my oat making.  I also threw in the rest of my blubes mess.  Remember this?  That’s why there is a bit of a green tint 😉

Love 007

Then I had an egg turd.

Love 008

I love egg whites!


I’m starting to feel and look leaner.  When I put my mind to it I can actually do it!

She does this alot.  I wonder what she's thinking about?

She does this alot. I wonder what she's thinking about?



  1. What is this puffed pastry cookie you speak of?

  2. squirrel?? squirel?? where’d it go…I’m gonna get that stupid squirrel! Ooo bird! lol

    Please explains said puff pastry! yum 🙂

  3. Will be waiting on the puff pastry cookie reply. You tease, you. 🙂

    I love that picture of Boomer and the view outside your sliders. Sigh.

  4. Angela

    i think ill go for a walk outside now, the summer sun’s callin my name…

  5. if only we knew what our poochies were thinking. so uhhh is that puff pastry clean eats?! if so, do share!

  6. Those puf pastries look yummy!

    I LOVE egg whites too.

    Love the pic of Boomer, so cute!

    I LOVE when my dryer is going and you can smell the dryer sheets outside. What a great day you had!

  7. I think Boomer is thinking about pooping! Don’t they all? 🙂

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