I Smell

No for real, I need to go hop in the shower.  I had an awesome shoulder workout this morning.  While I was walking Boomer I really visualized my workout and it really helped me out.


Yesterday mom and I went and saw All About Steve.  It was such a cute movie and apparently a tear jerker.  I’m not a sap so it takes a lot to get me teary eyed.  Sandra Bullock looked amazing in this movie.  Not as amazing as Bradley Cooper but what’s a girl to do?


Mike is out on a run right now and we’re just lounging around.  Only 1 more hour of cardio for me today and then we’re going to watch Last House On The Left.  I LOVE  horror movies .


p.s.  Where the heck have I been?  This blog is AWESOME!!!!  http://eatoxygen.blogspot.com/


Are you a sap?  What movie makes you cry?  Only movies about animals will make me tear up.  Return To Me made Mike and I both bawl.  I will NOT see Marley & Me.



  1. Hey girl….looks like we can start a smelly club…I just got back with gym:)

    Love Sandra B…love love love her!

    OK…I am a total sap with these flicks: What dreams may come, Somewhere in time and the notebook oh and Stepmom:(

    I ball like a baby….


  2. I cry every SINGLE time I watch Armageddon. The dad part just really gets me. That said, its no big feat to make me cry….I cry at a LOT of movies!

  3. ana

    yes she post a ton of recepies and they look awesome! april my protein pancakes are always FLATTTTTT and sometime they falt apart WTF:(

  4. Tea

    dam lately I cry over EVERYTHING. I watched the Time Travelers Wife the other night and was totally trying not to bawl.

  5. Last House on the left SUCKED ASS. Tim and I were with another couple and they walked out. We should have. I’m not going to tell you what happens but it’s not a good movie at alL! I love horror movies too, but not this one.

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