I Just Ate 9 Muffins :)

I had to eat one to make the smiley face :)

I had to eat one to make the smiley face 🙂

So are you sick of seeing my variations of this recipe yet?  I didn’t take a picture of the “pie” I made the other day.  I like to make tons of them so it seems like i’m pigging out or something.

Mmmm....chicken and broccoli

Mmmm....chicken and broccoli

So I needed a change of texture with my chicken…insert the Magic Bullet.  I put the chicken in there and it chopped it into BBQ!!  Okay not quite but let me have my moment.  This broccoli is THE BOMB!  Thank you Carrots N Cake!!!!!  So obviously I didn’t use sugar but I did use stevia and macadamia nut oil. 


Mike and I ended up watching 17 Again.  That was such a cute movie!!  If I had to do High School over again I can’t say I would change anything.  It’s made me who I am today…although sometimes I wish I could change that??  I know, confusion.


This afternoon my friend Amy and I met at my dad’s to walk around the “hood”.  We grew up right down the street from each other and hung out all the time.  It was so fun walking around and reminiscing about old times.  We even went to the Girl’s Club which is this HUGE Victorian style house and they invited us in.  I told the lady the place wasn’t as huge as I remembered.  I said I do think i’m about the same height.  Amy had posted a picture on FB and then one of our old friends said she is working at this place called Clementine’s.  It’s a yarn and sewing shop so needless to say i’ve never been in there.  It was such a great day!  I wish I would have had my camera but I suck.  We ended up walking and talking for 2 hours!


Oh and I smell again right now.  What’s up with that?  Maybe I need some new deodorant?  LOL!  I would take a shower except I have another cardio session later.



  1. ohh. chicken in the bullet? clever. squeaky clean eats!

  2. Smart!! I want to see 17 Again – I heart Matthew Perry!!

  3. ana

    i love your recepies keep sharing please 🙂

  4. April (Foods of April)

    The Secret clinical strength deoderant works wonders! 😀

    And broccoli is delicious. Have you ever heard of Braggs Liquid Amino Acids? It’s delicious on broccoli!

    And you’ve done Tabata before?? What’s your favorite way or moves to do it? You said you’ll find muscles you didn’t know is there.. I want that!! haha

  5. I so want a magic bullet now! 🙂 LOL @ not showering until all your cardio is done for the day haha, i do the same thing :S who cares if you smell a bit when you look so good haha!
    hope your countdown is going great guns too and that you’re enjoying it!

  6. what are the muffin thangs??

  7. fitlizzio

    so i know i only know what you look like from the blog, but did you happen to see the show Glee tonight?! you look like the guidance counselor!! :):) shes cute so its a compliment. anyways thats all!

    • LOL! I’ve been told that before. I think she played in Epic Movie and Paul Blart Mall Cop or something like that.

  8. cathy40.wordpress.com

    I just watched that movie this week-end too…and you should try walnut oil …it does taste awesome on veggies.

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