Takin’ It Back To The Old School…

Cuz i’m an old fool who’s so cool 😀  This morning on the treadmill I happened to flip it on MTV and found myself actually watching a video!  Huh?  really, no reality shows or stupid gagggag videos, oops I mean gaga.  I LOVE this video…so many beautiful people.

I’m really digging this season of ANTM.  The short girls are much more fun!  What’s up with the redhead though?  Come one girl, this is why we get a bad rep.  I know your seretonin levels are low but dang you’re gorgeous and you’re on ANTM!


Training is going great!  I need to weigh myself…ugh.  I might tomorrow.  I keep saying that.


It’s no secret that I watch Saved By the Bell and Married With Children when i’m doing cardio.  The best part is when I see Kelly Bundy(Christina Applegate) wearing something and it reminds me of an old outfit I use to have.


Here’s a Saved By The Bell quiz…I got 12 out of 15 and yes i’m proud of it!  The sad thing is that I just saw one of the episodes this morning and I didn’t get the question right.


Here is what I fixed Mike for dinner last night.  I have to remind him I can cook when I want.  So I just threw the tater tots in the oven and then covered them with cheese he doesn’t know.  I did make the homemade honey mustard.  The chicken was coated with whole wheat flour that had been in my fridge and expired in February.  It was unopened.  That and season salt, fried up in olive oil.  Healthy yet I couldn’t eat it 😦

Love 001



  1. Thats looks yummy!!

  2. i keep putting off weighing myself.. i am too afraid of there not being the progress i hope for. im a weirdo. and i am literally running to take that quiz! i love SBTB!

  3. dang i missed #5 and #15!

    • LOL! I missed #5 too! I got lucky on #15. I missed the girl group one…won’t say the answer in case any other nerds want to take the quiz 😉 I also got lucky on the Yale grad number.

  4. Love that song 🙂 Its on my ipod 🙂

    did mike like his dinner ??

    • He LOVED it! He even left me a note on FB 😀

  5. I am loving this season of ANTM too but I for some reason the girls all look like babies!! Maybe because they are shorter they look younger? Yea that redhead is a goober. She needs to lay off the xanax and get some personality or she won’t last lol.

    I caught my hubbie watching Saved by the Bell this morning while I was getting ready for work. Those reruns will be on forever and I love it!

  6. I’m SO glad that got rid of that ONE annoying chick. I forget her name the “Meow” one…ick!

    It’s pretty cool that they are doing a shorter models season, i know a ton of fabulous short models who can’t get work:(


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