I’m In Trouble

Yesterday I heard the big brown truck.  So did Boomer.  She proceeded to attack the UPS man as I hid because I looked like major crap.  I go out to see what it is.  OMG…it’s from Newman’s Own Organics.  I put the box on the counter and opened it up.  I felt like Mary Poppins did pulling a load of stuff out of her bag.

So not good when you're prepping for a bikini competition

So not good when you're prepping for a bikini competition

It doesn’t stop there

Chocolate cups with anything in the middle are okay by me!

Chocolate cups with anything in the middle are okay by me!

It doesn’t stop there

Even Boomer gets to sample!

Even Boomer gets to sample!

I DID have an apple ring and 1 espresso cookie.  Now that’s ALL until after November 14th.  Then I will give you all my reviews.  The apple ring was so good.  It was moist unlike some other dried fruits i’ve tried.  The cookie, come on do I really have to remember how amazing that tasted!  Mike will be doing some tasting as well and i’ll let you know what he thinks.  He saw the table and said, Man that is going to last us 2 years!  The former fat girl in me thinks, yeah right, more like 2 months.


The weather is so gorgeous here right now and i’ve been taking advantage of it.  Amy and I went for a 65 min walk yesterday and it was a great workout.  It was a lot better than my hour on the treadmill that morning.  I’m starting to feel like i’m getting leaner.  The cheeks are slimming down and that’s usually first.  Next will be what’s left on my chest.  I’ll be 9 weeks out tomorrow EEK!


I’m still LOVING  this recipe!  Sweetness is just right!


Dont’ forget!  If you or someone you know is a redhead check this out!  I think i’ll get the connect the dots tank 😀


I’m selling 2 of my figure suits so if you know someone or are interested in them let me know!!



  1. michele

    hi there..couple questions…what size person would fit your suits…i am 5’5″ and 137 now…possibly my first comp is in the works…

    second question..is all those wonderful packages you get free to sample…and how do you go about signing up for it!!


    • Sent you an email 😉

  2. Um madame:)

    Feel free to email me a sample or two for quality control:)

    love a girl and can’t wait …you will once again rock the stage!


  3. Awesome stash!

  4. you. are. in. trouble. lady.

  5. You don’t even know how much trouble you are in! I told myself I would only eat one of everything so I could say I tried it (not all in a sitting of course). Boy was I wrong! I have no control when sweets are staring me down in the pantry.

    No I am on sugar overload from the past few weeks and ready to start a Body for Life challenge to lose the pudge!

    • Luckily when i’m in “comp prep” mode nothing phases me. Okay except for nuts, and trail mix 😀 Those are NOT in the house.

      Mike is actually over there eating some of those cookies with milk and said they are the champion of all cookies LOL!

      Getting ready to have my ice cream er…protein shake.

  6. April (Foods of April)

    Oh goodness I’ll take whatever you don’t want! 😉 just kidding. Stash them somewhere so you can eat them when the competition is over!


  7. Tea

    Omg! How do you get this stuff sent to you? I am lucky I don’t have stuff like that arriving It would probably last me 2 weeks. Those redhead T’s are cute! i haven’t had a peanut butter cup in 3 years. 😦 lol

  8. Vanessa

    I wanna know too! (how you get all your free stuff)

    I love NuNatural Liquid Stevia!
    I love Navita Naturals Raw Caocao Nibs!

    Will you/can you lay out what your workout/diet is like for your upcoming bikini contest? I’d love to see how your plan differs from a figure prep.

    Good luck and keep up the great work!

  9. Girlllll that stash has INVITE KELLY OVER FOR A SLEEPOVER written all over it!! LOL
    Enjoy the yumminess!!

  10. hayleycepeda

    WOW!!! What a stash!! I’m sort of jealous…and sort of relieved I don’t have all that in my house..LOL. Did you order all of it or did they send it to you? 9 weeks out – awesome!! It sounds like you’re in a good place right now. At first I read your sentence about walking 65 mins as “walking 65 miles.” I was thinking, “Ok…April has gone overboard..” 🙂 Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog, btw.

  11. Girl, what are you doing ordering all those no-nos!!? Ugh. I have found it harder and harder to have goodies in the house because I keep thinking I can justify them…

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