Random Thoughts of the Day

  • Dang these protein muffins are good
  • I probably shouldn’t have put the non stick muffin tin in the dishwasher
  • My Grandma is so stinkin cute!
  • If I were a cut of meat i’d be a tenderloin.  LOTS of fat right there
  • I hope the Colt’s are winning
  • My workouts were great today!
  • It’s tough resisting all the yummy food but worth it in the end…glad I didn’t cave
  • WTF!  I think I smell??
  • Wish the weather would stay like this ALL the time
  • Big Brother sucks this year, all the final players are weak
  • Olive oil instead of lotion is great on your skin
  • Got lucky eating my french fried green beans today…I spied a piece of tin foil on one 😮  that would have been painful
  • I really miss my grandpa
  • I hope I dream of Bradley Cooper tonight
  • Darn, i’ve already eaten all 9 of my muffins
  • I think I have another urethra caruncle 😦
  • I’m addicted to bikini suit sites
  • I promise I will go to Red Robin after this next show with my mom
  • I miss Mike when he’s not around but he gets on my nerves when he’s here 😀
  • I gave my dog a bath and she is shiny


  1. haha, lovely list. did you know it is grandparent’s day? and hooray for puppy baths!

  2. hehe nice!! Glad pupper is shiny and yes, Bradley Cooper is HOT.

  3. April (Foods of April)

    I love cute grandmas! And grandpas for that matter! When I was doing clinicals at the veterans hospital the little old people were so freakin adorable!

    How many days do you work out a week? I’d love to see your weekly schedule!

    P.S I’ve been lifting heavier like you said and trying to eat more protein.. and my family commented on my muscles today! 😀


    • April that is awesome!!

      I work out 6 days a week…sometimes 7 to make up for a missed cardio session during the week. I’ve been posting what body parts and how much cardio i’m doing on my move it tab. It’s at the bottom, whatever month we’re in 😀

  4. Bradley Cooper is muy caliente.

  5. lilveggiepatch

    Mmm, Bradley Cooper. I didn’t like him at all… but now I think he’s pretty studly.

    My grandma’s cute, too! I miss her.

  6. Where is the “Like” button? LOL

    I like when the dogs are shiny. Petey is actually noticably whiter after a bath…

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