To Market, To Market

Happy Monday!!  I was CRAVING a Kombucha today.  So Boomer and I hopped in the car and drove to Nature’s Pharm.  BONUS!  I found them on sale for $1.85!  I ended up buying 5 of them and some guar gum.

Love 002

Last night I noticed I was getting low on stevia liquid crack vanilla extract.  I NEED that too!  So I ordered some from Amazon.  NuNaturals of course because that is the ONLY stevia i’ve ever liked.  In fact I LOVE their products!


With the guar gum addition to my muffins they were much thicker and held their shape better.  So i’ve almost perfected it 😀


Nature’s Valley 

Protein Blitz

My body is starting to get jiggly so that’s actually a good thing.  That means the fat is coming lose and ready to burn off!  At least in my mind that’s what it means 🙂



  1. Marthab

    I do not know how you drink that Kombucha. I got one because of your raving and I had to pour it out. It tasted like flavored vinegar. 😛 To each his own!


    • Come one twinnie! It is a required taste. I don’t know how people drink tequila either but I know it gives them a buzz 😉

  2. at least your crack is stevia! Mine is Trader Joe’s crispy mini cookies- eek!

    • LOL!!!

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