I’m Not Short, I’m Fun-Size

…and so are these!

Love 004

I used my Pampered Chef bite size muffin tin to make 24 muffins!  It was so much fun to keep poppin those suckers into my mouth.

Love 005

I’m getting bored with food and trying to make it as different each day as possible.  The only thing I NEVER get bored with is breakfast.

No more sliced almonds though :(

No more sliced almonds though 😦

Last night I made some protein ice cream.  Nothing fancy just a scoop of whey and ice in the bullet.  BUT here is where it gets interesting.  I took 1/2 scoop of VPX graham cracker protein powder, mixed with a wee bit of water, then I smeared it on the bottom of a tupperware dish.  Microwave for 45 secs, flip and microwave for another 30.  It turned into a hard cracker but tasted just like an ice cream cone!  I crushed it on top of my ice cream 😀  The little things in life.

Nom, nom, nom....freezer burn! (that's what I call brain freeze)

Nom, nom, nom....freezer burn! (that's what I call brain freeze)

It’s been an odd day here in Indiana.  Rain, then sun, then rain, then sun.  I went to my mom’s and then decided to go to the farmer’s market for some cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, and green beans.  I got there and it wasn’t opened 😦  So Boomer and I will be making a trip in the morning before meal 2!  I don’t want the nasty crap at Kroger.  At my mom’s she had candy corn, you know the kind with big pumpkins and also some Hershey’s Kisses that were pumpkin and candy corn flavor!  She said they were really good and put some in the freezer for Angela and I to enjoy after the competition.  Even though we WILL NOT go overboard this time right??  😉


Mike’s back from his weekend with the boys.  He’s telling me all about his loaded egg muffin from this place called Flapjacks.  I’m going to go and punch him in the face…c-ya!



  1. April (Foods of April)

    Your quite creative with the protein powder!

    How many calories do you eat again? I’m so confused if your supposed to eat more or less when trying to gain muscle!

    Oh and sometime you should definitely post an ab routine.. I’m getting bored with mine!

    • I’m not sure how many calories i’m eating? You are suppose to eat more calories if you are building muscle. There isn’t a magic number everyone is different but 16 x your body weight is a good number.

      I was on an 1800 cal high carb diet to gain muscle. I gained muscle but also got fat. Partly due to the holidays 😉

  2. Tea

    LOL! I am stealing your I’m not short, I’m fun size saying lol How tall are you? I am 5’4″

    haha you react the same as me to hubby telling me shit he ate while out 😛

    Your muffins look yummy!! I am definitely getting bored with my food, and broccoli makes me want to hurl 😦

  3. hayleycepeda

    I love the title of your post – that is so cute!! You really are creative with your food! That’s really good – definitely keeps you from getting bored eating the same things over and over again! I’m sure you’ve mentioned this before, but when is the comp?

    • Nov 14th. 😀

  4. I love that you are getting so creative…:)

    Um..I had a candy pumpkin episode on Fri..i don’t wanna speak of it. 😦

    Evil sugar!

  5. OMG I laughed out loud at your response to the hubbie’s meals out! Anthony used to do that to me all the time…gushing about whatever crap he ate. I guess I was living vicariously through him.

    Well not anymore 🙂 I guess I get the last laugh…now he has to eat my brid food…just in waaaaay bigger portions.

  6. I’m doing a lot better on my diet this year and I’m basically eating the same foods daily, its just easier. I hate cooking if I can help it. I think that’s Todds stupid fault! ARGH!

    I think I’m going to avoid the after contest weight gain like I normally have, its too hard to lose again so I’ll just have a normal cheat after the show then looks like I’m peacing outta this state. lol.

    I’m really excited to start my adventure!

    Pray that the lsats this weekend don’t kill me first!

  7. lilveggiepatch

    You’re from Indiana?! Girl, we have to talk! Hehe.

    I never get bored with breakfast, either… it’s always so comforting.

  8. i am the same way, i get bored by lunch and dinner, but bfast is always a good meal, even if its the same thing! i wish it would be nutritionally viable to eat bfast foods all day long. Actually, you could probably make it work .. hehe

    cool blog 🙂

  9. Those mini muffins are so cute!

  10. Hahaha freezer burn! I love it!
    Grahm cracker protein powder?? Seriously!? That sounds amazing… is it whey?
    Have agreat day! (that rhymed)

    • Yes it is whey…and very good!

      Hee hee, you’re a poet and didn’t know it!

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