Yes I did!

I made a pie and ate the whole thing!

Don't mind the messy oven

Don't mind the messy oven

Of course it was using my muffin recipe with chocolate powder.  I prefer muffins so i’ll stick with them.


If you are comp dieting don’t look at the following…I made the mistakes.   OMG!  and WHY!


I weighed this morning…119.2.  Not where I want to be but I don’t think I look that bad.  I’m hoping to be around 110 or less for my competition.  It’s balls to the wall now!  I had a great sweat session this morning followed by some side step ups and donkey kicks(I use 8 lb weights in between the let pit).  I felt the booty working hard!  I want to keep some of my butt though.  Normally is goes away, except for the width, I just have a wide booty.  Maybe that will be a plus for me?  I just don’t want the cheese to show!  😀  Today’s workout is legs so I gotta hit them hard! 


Yesterday my friend Amy and I went on a 77 min walk.  It was a great one and we can just talk for hours about stupid things we did when we were younger.  When I got home I had to take my 3rd shower for the day.  I made dinner and it looked like it always does 😉  I did get 6 okras though and baked those!  YUMMY!  Mike wouldn’t eat his so I ate them.

His and Hers

His and Hers

Mike says my Rachael Ray pans have already paid for themselves 😀  I agree, I LOVE them!  They are so easy to clean too.  I’m not a pork or potato eater so it’s easy for me to fix stuff like this and not want it.  Actually chicken and fish are the only meats i’ve ever liked.  Turkey is good too.


I found out this morning that my brother in law was in a serious motorcycle accident so please keep him in your thoughts.  He is such a great guy and always happy.  He has 1 daughter and 2 step daughters.  My SIL Alissa is a really lucky gal to have found a man like him.


Happier thoughts….




Do you believe in psychics?  I typically don’t and think that it’s just something like a horoscope that anyone can say “oh wow, that is so true”.  My mom went to one over the weekend though and the things she told her were mind blowing.  That’ll be another day.



  1. Yummy muffin pie! I still have to try making that 🙂

  2. ok a few things:
    1) I am really sorry to hear about your BIL’s accident. What exactly is his prognosis? keep us updated.

    2) I totally went to that page, even though you said not to. You knew I would, warnings do me no good.

    3)Nice butts, round and big butts are doing well in bikini! you have a great butt so I am not worried about you!

    4) I am not so sure I believe in the basic ‘fortune teller/psychic” type thing, but I do believe some people have powers to see/know things in other realms…unfortunately most of the palm reader types are always asking leading questions or make vague statements that people can interpret as being related to them. I want to hear more bout your mom’s visit.

  3. April (Foods of April)

    I bet you look great at 119! especially since you’ve got a lot of muscle!

    I’ll definitely be keeping your brother in law in my thoughts!

  4. hahaha.. i totally clicked on those links. that PB one looks awesome and horrible at the same time. i dont know what to think about psychics actually. good luck on those last 9 lbs before your comp! when is it again? hope your leg workout is a good one! xo

  5. I’m so glad you’re still loving your pots! I’ve GOT to get some! I’ve never done side step ups – eek – looks hard! I’m not sure about the psychic thing… i’ve never been against it for sure, but I haven’t seen evidence so…. i’m on the fence! hehe

  6. Hey girl…..

    i love the “pie” Awesome!

    I do believe that their on some people on this planet with a gift but most are a crock of S%@T. I did go to one once ..and she scared the crap out of me and gave me chills.

    You see….you knew what I had under my pillow and NOBODY knew about this. So maybe some people have the gift but finding them is like a needle in a haystack.


  7. ana

    hi april!!! 119 is pretty good girly!!!! i cant wait to get there 🙂

    sorry about your brother in law i hope he gets better!

    how many more weeks till your comp?

    • 7 weeks this weekend! It’s Nov 14th.

  8. ana

    hey april ok im back on it girly!!! I have a ways to go !! so getting focused again this am i was soooo tiered but i need to take my super pump and hit the gym! Im out!

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