It’s The Freakin Weekend!

Just doing my usual Saturday stuff.  Super Target and lounging.  It’s odd, I have a little bit of cramping?  I haven’t had this for a long time…wonder if TOM will actually show up?  I think I may take a Midol and fall asleep.  Those do that to me.  Of course I took my fur baby on a walk this morning. 


Are there things you do that you wonder why?  Or things you think about and think you’re crazy?  I subscribed to Betty and when I get the emails I can spends hours on that site.  I was walking Boomer and wondering if I was killing innocent bugs that are just doing there everyday duties.


So I took a few pictures in my bikinis today.  Yeah, I have a ways to go EEK!  I weighed 118.8 this morning but my measurements have decreased 😀  I’m not sold on these bikinis.  The darker one has too much material on the bottom and the top is LITTLE!  As you can see so am I up there but geesh.  The other is a lovely color but my dang butt crack shows.  I know that’s what bikini glue is for but it’s just not comfortable.  Even if I had hot bikini body i’m just a modest person.  So i’ll still be looking + Becca sent a suit to me that she thinks will look good on me.  I saw some pics and it’s pretty!!


All is going well with training and diet.  I have about 8 lbs to lose I would think in 7 weeks.  Wanna know where that 8 is coming from?

7 weeks 007

Here’s the other suit….front pic

7 weeks 006

I have to remember to not flex things.  I do have some quads so no flexing them!  That pooch stays there until like the last week of prep…it’s so odd.


Onto my breakfast!  Pumpkin and cocoa oats!!  HEAVENLY!

7 weeks 0027 weeks 003

For my meal #2 i’ve come up with a way to eat my dry chicken.  I grind my chicken, cucumbers and flax oil + spicy mustard in my bullet.  It’s awesome and it’s like i’m eating a chicken salad.  And….why didn’t I ever broil my tomatoes before?  It’s awesome!!  I take half a tomato and sprinkle some black pepper on them and broil for 8-10 mins…..ahhh.

Mmmm...broiled maters, why didn't anyone tell me about those sooner?

Mmmm...broiled maters, why didn't anyone tell me about those sooner?

Tonight my mom is having a party.  She is making alot of yummies but I won’t have any!  Gotta get that bikini booty!



  1. wow you are looking amazing! and you still have 7 weeks? cant wait to see the final result of all your hard work. i love how you are getting creative with your chicken dinner. those oats do look epic! mmm. i bought pumpkn finally so i can make some soon. i have a target trip in my future today too! enjoy your weekend april!

  2. April (Foods of April)

    Uhh April I’m so jealous of your abs!! Seriously give me your secrets!! haha. And your calves?? They are hot!!

    Those oats sound pretty yummy! What did you put in them?

  3. Your abs are awesome.

  4. Honey you are looking great already!! and I must try broiling the tomatoes too!! Yummtastic.
    And the pumpkin! Dang you are full of ideas!!

  5. Look at you hot momma! Can I please have your booty?!??!

    • I love you!

  6. Just catching up on blogs here sista. I tracked that suit I sent you and I am hoping it comes today! OK, the blue tiger one IS The same one I got and it’s WAY LESS diapery on you. I think because you ahve width on your hips were I am more round from front to back (side view). Idk but you look great it in!
    The blue one I sent you is gonna be smaller/more narrow than that one for sure I think! LOL

    Gosh I wish you were doing the Monster Mash with us. I mean no, because I dont want to go up against you in the short class lol – but we’d have fun together.

    What is that other stuff pictured with the tomatoes? Is is your ‘chicken salad?”

  7. ana

    ooohhhh pics!!!!! looking good april 🙂 !!!! I CANNOT WAIT TO SEE MORE PICS Girly ! 🙂

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