I Survived

I made it through the party without eating one lick of something I shouldn’t!  I was so proud of myself 😀  Yesterday I actually took a total rest day with exception to walking Boomer.  This moring…118.6!  YIPPEE!  Slow and steady wins the race.  I KNOW I can lose 5 lbs in a week if need but that’s NOT the way I want to drop some poundage.  We know what happens when you start to eat or drink again.  Preggo belly and cankles.  NOT FUN.


I was reading Pauline Nordin’s blog this morning and I really LOVED what she was saying:

I write and talk a lot but I find time to listen or even evesdropping from time to time. During the weekend in Vegas I found myself doing the last mentioned at Lunch. At the table behind me four people were talking about how good they were when they were on a diet. Yes, you see every time they were set on getting lean they were 100% focused and did not cheat at all. Not one bit, it was all going one way forward and no slips.

The discussion kept on about chicken breasts, carbs post training, cardio etc and I was pretty interested in taking a peek at what they were all looking like. So when I had finished my eggs, mustard and decaf coffee I turned around to check them out. Surprise, suprise for me, because none of them looked even the slightest in shape! They were all considered chubby on the border to fat.

How could these people sit and say all this about being super good with diets? Did they lie? No, most likely not, but the emphasize was on being on a diet. Meaning they apparently don’t consider it a lifestyle. They get lean by losing a lot of weight and then gain it all back. The point with this? Don’t know, I never understood the whole concept of doing just that, but I can only talk for myself.

I rather be lean and healthy all year than super cut a few days and chubby the rest. What about you?

I do this after every show but I REALLY need to focus on NOT pigging out too much.  Sure the first few days is fun but then it gets old.  Then the pants start to get snug and then you’re in your size 6 *gasp*.  Yes I know most of the rest of America would kill for their fat size to be a 6 but there is no reason for this to happen to me.  Even if I never do another show in my life living and being healthy should be top priority.  I never just go out and eat crap and I don’t keep crap at home but the little things I have here and there do add up.  Too much PB, extra oats, tons of veggies, they will make me plump up and I know that about myself.  I’m still learning and will find out exactly what my body likes.


I’m so glad you all liked and got what I was saying about my ideal post.  I am not trying to look like one of those girls.  I’m trying to be the best me I know I can be.  I’m 34 years old and I am past the oh why can’t I look like her phase. 


Hubs is out running an 18 miler run now.  I hope he makes it back okay.  I kind of like the guy…today 😉


Tonight i’m making this for dinner!!!!!!  I’m using 5 oz of ground turkey though.  Only because I have turkey burgers already prepared in the fridge.


Sorry for all the randomness.  Speaking of…are chia seeds making your butt hair grow longer? 



  1. fitlizzio

    first off iwant to say THANK YOU for your comment. tough love is JUST what i needed 🙂 you rock and i will be keeping tabs on you, and you keep tabs on me as well 🙂

    i totally agree with pauline too. I read that this morning and was thinking how right she was. Why are we only interested in being super healthy during a certain time of year? There truly is NO reason to gain weight after a show other than a day or two of eating some crap. That is ALL we need though…

    And LMAO about the chia seeds. you crack me up 🙂

  2. This is the exact reason why I haven’t gotten into competitions. I really really am tempted because I think it would be fun, but I already have a screwed up body image and struggle with making this a “lifestyle”. I think being so restrictive would cause me to binge all the time. **I just mean this is how I would probably react***

    I really am trying to make everything a lifestyle change and stop the yo-yo factor.

  3. ana

    love this post april!!! awesome job on the weight!!! and not cheating!

    grrr 😦 ” yup the size 6″ im a 7 hit right at home for me. i suck. cannnot beleive im still a yo yo dieter someday some day ……

    lol !!!!!maybe i dont wanna take chia seeds!

  4. Margarita

    OMG! I nearly DIED laughing at the last question!!!! HAHAHAHA Good one!!!!

  5. I love that excerpt – SO true… I don’t get the diets either. I have friends that are like time to lose weight – so they start eating lettuce and veggie chips and then get burned out… um, duh! You are subsisting on things you don’t like/never eat/etc. – you’re setting yourself up for failure!!

    You’re hilarious – chia seeds. hehe BTW – 34?! You look fab, girl!

  6. April (Foods of April)

    Interesting commentary! I agree that I’d rather be thin all the time.. I’d hate to have to constantly be losing weight!

  7. Diet itself actually just means a WAY of eating…which means, it’s gotta be incorporated into our lifestyle! I don’t think “diets” should exist in the least!

    Haha, chia seeds grows butt hair? Hm, glad I’ve never tried it then! :-0

  8. aww congrats girlie on your strong will power and your loss!! woot woot!

  9. Jessica

    I made the stuffed peppers! They were a nice change to the diet!!

    • Me too! I’m making them again tonight 🙂

  10. Agree, Agree AGree!!
    it’s funny that you bring up post-comp because I was just discussing this with jessica earlier this morning (kinda) via email.
    I have a plan this time. A real plan. Not gonna let all my hard work go to waste.

    I continually have to remind myself that the food isn’t going anywhere. It will be there tomorrow, or the next day, and just because I didn’t have any for three months doesn’t mean I need to eat it all in three 3 days…

    The little things get to me too. I literally indulged in goodies for two or three days and then started eating clean again, but the cardio slacked (ok, dissappeared)…

    Your post was so relative to the one I have almost just finshed!!

  11. oh i loved that little excerpt you posted. good point made. and PROPS on no BLTs!! so determined. i know what you mean about size 6 being fat pants. i am the same way and people get mad at me for caring. but hey, to each her own. xo!

  12. Julie

    Hey girl, I love your blog. I look forward to reading it everyday! Just curious, and I do ask people this alot. How tall are you? I have a bad habit of comparing other peoples weight vs their height. I’m a short person, 5foot and 0 inches! Anyway, I think you look great in your swimsuits! Keep it up!

    • Hi Julie! I’m 5’3 😀

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