Hold On to Your Hats!

I mean that literally.  It’s VERY windy here today.  It made for some good resistance walking with Amy today though.  I’m so proud of her.  She is keeping up with me and even doing the treadmill at home.  Her motto is my motto.  I’m not going to watch TV unless i’m on the treadmill 😀  Today’s walk was intense followed by the intense smell of the dead rotting opossum carcus….blech!  Each day we pass by we can’t help but look at it.  Now it smells.


I did make the stuffed pepper last night!  It was terrific!  I’m going to add some spicy mustard to it tonight before I bake it.  Tomorrow night i’ll be having fish.  I love fish.  I would eat it every night but I only get it 2 nights a week for now.(TWSS)

It was just as good the second time!  This time I put some spicy mustard in the turkey to give a bit of a kick YUM!


Now i’m gonna chill on the couch…ahhhh…I can’t wait.  Dishes are done and it’s so easy cleaning the Rachael Ray cookware! 


Up early for some kick butt cardio!  Chest day tomorrow, my fave 😀


Are there any shows you watch on Monday nights?  Heroes is on WOO!



  1. Yum that pepper looks awesome! It’s been too long since I made some.

    Nature’s own resistance 😉 Nice work!

  2. the peppers look delicious.
    monday nights are all about gossip girl! =)

  3. April (Foods of April)

    Those peppers look delicious! I could eat salmon every night.. its so good! Chest is your favorite?? crazy girl! 🙂

  4. lol! i made stuffed peppers on sunday night!
    yay! glad i finally found your spot on here btw!!!
    hope your chest workout goes great!!!

  5. oh those stuffed peppers look super delicious! you are really crafty at making clean eats interesting. oh and lol @ your twss.

  6. hayleycepeda

    Way to go on the stuffed peppers!! Those look really good. You are a pro at making super healthy foods look tasty. 🙂

    I don’t know about monday nights – all my favorite shows are on Tuesdays!

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