Ain’t Nothin Gonna Break My Stride

Nobody gonna slow me down, oh no I got to keep on moving.  I think I pulled my left groin…eep!  Actually I know I did.  As i’ve mentioned before pain is my forte…wouldn’t know life without it.  I had a great 60 mins cardio session this morning.  It’s so weird that yesterday I had zero energy and this morning I couldn’t wait to hop on the treadmill?  Here’s what I did:


Mins MPH       Incline %  
0~5 3.8 4%  
5~10 5 6%  
10~12 3.8 4%  
12~13 5.5 4%  
Repeat bolded until you hit 30 mins      
30~35 5 6%  
 35~37 3.8 4%  
37~38 5.5 4%  
Repeat bolded until you hit 44 mins      
44~45 4 2%  
45~55 6 2%  
55~60 3.5 0%  

It was a good one.  I didn’t get too bored.  This is a variation of a workout I saw on Jenn’s blog.  Now if only my shoulders would grow like hers 😉



  1. haha.. i guess we both had men @ work on the brain when thinking up titles!

    nice treadmill workout, i cannot stay on that thing for an hour.. but with something like this maybe i could?

  2. I would love to know how to grow my shoulders! I am much narrower on top then I am on the bottom so I would love to balance that out…

    Umm you did that whole workout in pain? Dang…

  3. ana

    hope you feel better girly. yeah jenn kiks ass=. and you do too great job on the run!

  4. april

    Thanks for sharing!! I’ve been getting bored with my workouts so I love finding new ones.

    Your not weird for no energy.. I had zero today! Or maybe it was just motivation. who knows!

  5. peanutbutterfingers

    i’m sorry about your groin! 😦 ick! you should know that i officially have that song in my head now. i love it!

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