Okay I Lied…

Pain in the groin is NOT my forte.  OUCH!  This freaking SUCKS!  I’m taking the day off but i’m bored out of my mind.  I just want to do something but I know this is best.  I need to get better STAT!  I’ll be 6 weeks from comp Saturday and I don’t have room for down time.


Tony was pleased with my pictures!  I don’t think he’s ever been before 😉  He wants my weight sitting at 116 so i’ll get there even with this little set back darnit!


This makes things better.  It expired today but I don’t care it was on $1.85.

Love 'em!

Love 'em!

 I need to go and get more green beans too.  Maybe Mike will since I shouldn’t walk?  Check these puppies out from last night!

Love 002

Oh and i’ll get a couple of green peppers so I can stuff ’em again 🙂


Extra Extra!  I keep forgetting to mention that i’m writing for the Examiner.  Okay writing would be pushing it but i’m trying.  I like blogging MUCH better.  I’m the at home exerciser examiner for INDPLS.  Since I workout from home maybe I can give people ideas?   If you are interested in being an examiner let me know!



Simon Baker

Simon Baker

Who watches the Mentalist?  I absolutely LOVE that show!  Maybe because Simon is cute?  Or maybe because it’s just a good show?


Have you ever pulled your groin muscle?  How long before it quit hurting?  Mine only hurts when I walk.



  1. OUCH….did you did it with sprints? Sheesh…i hope you get better by tomorrow.

    Mmmmmm Kumbucha…

    • You guessed it! I’m not meant to go 10 mph!!

  2. That is awesome! I didn’t know you were writing/blogging for them. COOL!

    Oh I wish I could find Kombucha for that price!! My downfall would be buying them all and then drinking them, knowing the sugars are too high.

    Great job on the progress pics!! WOO!

  3. I haven’t pulled my groin, but I pulled my back once and it was awful. It was fine after a few days though.

  4. oh man – that sucks! Sorry you’re not feeling better. I don’t watch the mentalist! I tried but couldn’t get into it -he’s a cutie though!

  5. Jessica

    I work out at home, too! I plan on posting pics of tiny room I work out in soon! lol

  6. looking at the giant mutant string bean….but my eyes keep wandering over to that cute little pilsbury guy on your windowsill 🙂

    Simon is cute….my mom has a crush on him too…LOL!

  7. April (Foods of April)

    I don’t know if I pulled my groin that way.. but I’ve definitely hurt it from stretching too much! ugh not fun! I hope yours feels better 😦

  8. I LOVE that show- and I have NO idea why but I find that guy sexy…..I am SO not into blondes either! What’s up with that??

    • I know! There is just something about it 😀

  9. Hey girl,
    I pulled my groin training last year (cycling)..suckie, suckie, suckie…depends on how bad you did it..I had to take a full 2 weeks off of any cardio but then it was fixed perfect and fine…prob not an option for you right now so close to comp. Just be careful if you go back too soon it will be weak and can pull worse..ugh. GET BETTER!

    • I know that is what sucks! I only have 6 weeks left. I rested it for a day and a half, now i’ll see if I can do some not as intense cardio on the treadmill.

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