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It was Christmas at the Jones house today.  Fed Ex man AND Ups man came.  Not the normal cute UPS man though 😦

Fed Ex brought me this thanks to Lindsay who asked me to try out their POM juice and who also corrected the error I had on my contact email.  I can’t wait to try it but of course it’s going to have to wait until after Nov 14th 😉  I’ve got a fridge and freezer now packed full of goodies just waiting for me!

glug glug...

glug glug...

Wow, i’ve been reading the literature on this and it’s like a miracle juice.  Lowering LDL caught my eye because even with a healthy lifestyle mine is on the high side.  Hereditary…blah.  Not to mention I have poor circulation problems and this should help.

Cookout anyone?

Cookout anyone?

I’ve had Applegate Farms turkey before and loved the taste.  Why not try the dogs?  Bonus, Nature Pharm store is going to start carrying more of their products WOOT!


So, I TRIED some treadmill work, not yet.  My groin is still sore.  Only when I walk??  So I climbed stairs!  I had to do something.  I’ll be 6 weeks out tomorrow.  I would be getting worried except it’s hit or miss what they are really looking for in bikini.  I’ve seen some girls that I don’t think look so great win.  I do have to say though, what  a person looks like in person is way different than a blown up picture on a website.  I do love Krissa’s post today…check it out!


My gimp leg and I are up to bed to rest like a good girl…I have a hard time doing that.


What is your favorite fruit juice?  I don’t drink them anymore but I really like Apple Juice.  I also admit to taking a sippy sippy of the POM after my workout.  I really can’t wait to glug glug that stuff!!!



  1. Jessica

    I L-O-V-E Pom Juice!! Of course, I really love it in my self-proclaimed award winning pomegranate martinis… Mmm… that’s the Christmas Eve drink of choice for me and my family! Yum…. Good job on deciding on the stairs!!

  2. I think I could probably drink a whole gallon of tomato juice. Fruit juice, I’m not a huge fan. If I had to pick, probably regular ol’ orange.

    I have had a bottle of POM juice that I planned on using for the drink that Jessica mentioned above and I think it has been a year now since I bought it. LOL

  3. I love the POM juice too – it’s good, very different if you are expecting super sweet…kinda syruppy – yeah, but DEF not on my bikini diet. lol…

    I haven’t tried Applegate Farms meats! We have the juices up here but i’ve never seen the meats. Have to look for them!

  4. April (Foods of April)

    I’m not a big fan of fruit juice actually.. it gives me heart burn!

    I’m sorry your poor groin is still hurting 😦 I hope it goes away soon!

  5. Sorry to hear of your pain. Hope you heal fast. I hate injuries. Haven’t tried the POM juice yet, sounds so yummy though.

    My favorite juice is white grape. Mmmm so sweet and yummy. Haven’t had it in a while, try not to drink any juice. I do have OJ after a night of partying though. 😉

  6. littlemissminny

    I don’t drink juices really anymore, except in cocktails 😀 but I like apple juice, grapefruit, cranberrie and pinnapple 🙂

  7. I should try that stuff!!!!


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