Put On Your Dancin’ Shoes!

Who’s got a painful groin?  ME!  Who’s going dancing tonight?  ME!  Mike is excited because i’m actually going out with him on a date WOO!  I even curled my hair and I have makeup on…WHOA!  The couple we go to Alabama are up for the Colts game tomorrow so it’ll be a fun night.  There was ONE condition to this…Mike cannot complain about the smell of my dinner on the way there.  Yes, i’m eating on the 40 mins trek up north.  Turkey, broccoli and salad toted along with me.  I’ll leave out the red wine vinegar for the sake of us both.  Along for the ride there will also be a protein shake for the trip home 😀

Get a free calendar!  Scroll to the bottom and make sure to put a fake phone number in the spot 😉


I may have some dancin’ pics tomorrow.  I always forget to take pics so don’t hate if it doesn’t happen.



  1. Jessica

    Yes! Date night! Favian and I went to the movies and dinner last night. It feels like it has been forever!!! Sometimes we need some “ME” time, which usually = us time in my book!!! I hope you take pics!!

  2. How fun!! Have fun at date night!

    and I just wanted to say thank you so much for inspiring me to lift heavy!! I’ve dropped major body fat and I attribute it to the heavy lifting!!

  3. Not taking pics is unacceptable.
    I must see pics.

    Does Mike complain of the smells a lot? Tim and I are so used to eating in the car, it’s nothin’. lol

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