These are a few of my favorite things

So I bought a box of crayons for Mike and I but forgot the coloring books.  I know we are both over 30 years old but it’s still fun to color.  He asked me today if I was wearing makeup?  I said are you kidding?  He said my skin is glowing…must be the bee pollen 😀


While I was at Target this weekend I bought Angela and I a bag of pumpkin spice kisses and candy corn kisses to try 😀  They are in my freezer.  We always say we won’t go overboard but the pile of junk i’ll bring is ridiculous.  I really think though that I won’t go overboard too much this time.  Stuff like that really doesn’t sound good.  Plus I want to be slim and trim ALL the time not just for 4 weeks out of the year that is just crazy.  We’ll see if I can do it this time!  Not that weighing 120 makes me a chunky monkey but i’d really like to stay at 115. 

If you think of each pound as a grapefruit, 5 lbs is a HUGE difference.


Here’s another nice visual.  So for those of you afraid to lift heavy look what muscle looks like 😉 


Many of you wondered about the Apple Cider Vinegar and Lemon Juice mixture.  Here is a website of it’s many benefits CLICK.  All I know is that between this and glutamine I have not been really sick in 3 years.


So what are your favorite smells?  Crayons, library books, honeysuckle, anything chocolate baking and leaves.


***I totally just went and chugged the bee pollen container



  1. I really need to try that apple cider stuff! My mom and I bought some apple cider vinegar pills and I’ve been taking them.. haven’t noticed a difference though!

  2. intheskinny

    Thanks for the visual image. I’ve got some serious grapefruits to lose. No pun intended.

    I saw the candy corn kisses at Target too and I’m wondering what they taste like. Good idea to freeze them.

    I’m with you on the crayons and library books for favorite smells. I’ll add in Dove soap.

  3. Catching up on the blogs… ummmm crying after coming over here… love the suit… you look awesome…. look at those legs… crying… I wish I was going to be there… crying…. see why I don’t read these things… I’ll be back and ummmm jealous of the dance lessons… seriously and curling your hair and date… OMG April you are woman…

    I need me a sugar daddy so I can stay home all day… one that will take dance lessons with me…

    No really I am so happy for you… sooooooooooooooooo happy for you… okay and a little jealous… tiny bit 🙂

  4. Tea

    Another adult who likes to color and will admit it!! ❤ I love coloring! lol

    I have to agree about the ACV and lemon and glutamine, I have not really been sick since Tony started me on that 🙂 With all the training I do too i should be more susceptible.

  5. Thanks for the link on the apple cider thing. I am going to go scope it out. Now of course, I want bee pollen too – damn, i just can’t keep up with your natural ass. lol

    OMG PUMPKIN SPICE KISSES?!?! YOU dont even KNOW HOW MUCH obsessed with pumpkin stuff and spicy fall stuff I am. I need to get some, like 5 bags ASAP so I can have them year round. WTF.
    Hershey’s has been coming out with a lot of good stuff lately. Did you try the coconut kisses? THey are to die for. I have also been loving the cherry cordial ones for about 2 years now…

    Ok but seriiously when you say pumpkin kisses, you do mean Hershey’s, right?

    • Oh yes, they’re Hershey’s 🙂

  6. Oh yeah and PS: my friend Dave has a supp shoppe and those fat/muscle things are there on a shelf for all to see. IT”S RIDICULOUS. that pic doesn’t even do it justice. 5lbs of fat is like almost the size of a roll of paper towel. Imagine that all spread out over your body like butter…ew…

  7. tina

    Bee pollen is so incredible for you!I have it in my Green Goddess shakes EVERYDAY, I am a little obseesed with it! Instead of 1 tbsp I have 3-4! ALso, every morning I have whole grain waffles with 1 teaspon of raw peanut butter and then sprinkle the bee pollen on top! :O)

    Chug away girl!

    • Oh yes! I LOVE IT!!!!

  8. Julie

    Thanks for the info on the ACV! I just bought some, and I’m going to have some tonight!

  9. Pumpkin Spice Kisses?!! Good grief I cannot keep up with the candy lately lol. As for Bee pollen I bought a bunch a while back and used it for months and noticed nothing, so like chia seeds I just quit. If I don’t notice anything when I start something new after months of use I usually lose the motivation to keep at it. Same with glutamine…used it the whole time I was lifting forever and then couldn’t really afford it anymore and honestly I notice nothing after stopping. My recovery is the same and I’m just as sore or not sore as when I was taking it. Not that it isn’t all good stuff 🙂 Maybe I’m just getting surly in my old age ;)…or tight with what little money I do have lol!

    • Stacey all the things I think are good for me and you don’t take is the reason my muscles are bigger than yours 😉

  10. I’m with you – at 120 right now… missing 115. I was just about to post about it – i’m ready to get back to 115!! My favorite smells are soy sauce, fall, wine, cedar and fresh baked goodies!!

  11. Favorite smells: a newborn’s head, fresh towels, Sweet Pea from Bath and Body and freshly washed hair.

    I think I may start drinking my ACV/LJ again. I miss it. Thank you for talking about it!

  12. favorite smells? play-doh… love that smell 🙂

    Victoria’s Secret laundry detergent; brownies, babies 🙂

    i will think of more 😉

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