I totally stole that from EatLiveRun.  I think she will forgive me when i’m salivating over her tacos tonight.*TWSS*  That was awful but my brain thinks like a man sometimes.  Maybe that’s why I don’t like putting on make up or fixing my hair?  I don’t wear underwear that often either hmmm…So where were we?  Oh yes, tacos.  I had some for lunch yesterday!  Doesn’t it look fabulous 🙂  Once i’m done withering away I think I may have some real tacos mmm…I don’t like cruch shells I like soft ones.  BUT, I LOVE chips and salsa!!

Braggs seasoning on the broccoli.  I still like it better seasoned with stevia.

Braggs seasoning on the broccoli. I still like it better seasoned with stevia.


So cardio is still pretty lame.  After about 20 mins of walking at 3.5 my groin get loose…HA!  My intervals are 3.0/4.0 @ 5-10% incline depending on how much pain I have.  That’s nothing compared to my 4.0/9-10.0 intervals but at least my HR is getting a workout.  I’m thinking of just sitting still all weekend and having a miraculous recovery by Monday. 


Weigh in tomorrow for Tony.  I talked with him for a bit yesterday and he says i’m doing great despite my injury and not to push it.  Normally I would LOVE to hear those words but now that I can’t push it I want to.  Diet will be changing next week and then we’re upon the “magical” 4 weeks out.  If you’ve competed you know what i’m talking about.  All of a sudden you have someone elses legs and your pants don’t fit at all.  I’m taking cues from my last show though and NOT bingeing on chocolate before the night show.  No one believes me that my stomach is only flat on competition days.  That is unless I take a teensy sip of water.  Last show I was so thirsty I took more than a sip and this happened.  Check out the stomach.

I spy a water drinker

I spy a water drinker

Okay I know it’s not much but i’ve seen chubby girls with flat stomachs.  My sister being one.  She has a flat stomach and big boobs.  I have a pooch, 12 year old boy chest and bunions.  WTF?


Mike is running 15 miles today.  I may follow him on my bike.  Didn’t I say I would be resting??  HA!  NEVER!!


Do any of your siblings have something that you wish you had?  Sure my sis has big boobs but I would NOT want them.  Then I would have to wear bras and not the cheap ones either.  My sister is SO talented.  She is awesome at any sport AND she kills in video games and can pick up an instrument and play it.  She could be a pilot or something else that you’re good at under pressure.



  1. ana

    pooch 12 year old bobos and bunions! 🙂 LOL this made me me laugh april u are silly!!!!!!

  2. I love the looks of your tacos! I can’t believe you don’t think braggs on broccoli is like heaven sent.. cause I do! lol. And you are so silly! your stomach looked amazing in that picture! My stomach looks pretty good when I first wake up but after I eat or drink anything it all goes downhill!

    • I haven’t tried the liquid aminos yet. Just the seasoning 🙂 I’ll try it soon!

  3. Jessica

    Growing up I always wanted my sister’s boobs. I was so flat the boys would stick textbooks in their shirts and say they were Jessica!! It really hurt my feelings back then but I laugh at it now! Once in college, I grew up to a DD before putting the weight on. That was fun. Now, through competition diet, I’m down to a C. I guess I shouldn’t complain since that’s WAY more than most natural boobs that compete! haha Other than that, I’d love my oldest brother’s income! Does that count? He’s a teacher, like me, but in a much better, higher paying district! JEALOUS (in the good way!) Oh, and my sister’s small feet. I have bunions, too. (One bunion, I had one removed back in ’05)

    • Yep, there is a difference between jealous and envious 🙂

  4. Marthab

    The only thing I want from my siblings is my sister’s uncanny ability to save money. A cheapo extraordinaire. But, she’s going on all kinds of great trips and stuff now. I’m not built that way at ALL!

  5. I will second the liquid aminos! Tastes like soy sauce, without all of the sodium!!

    And… uh…. what stomach? This is SO why I’m not the comp type! 😀

  6. Margarita

    Oh, man, you are REALLY getting creative with your meals!!! All the pics of your meals look PERFECT. I cannot even believe you are prepping for the show!

    As far as siblings… the best thing about my siblings is that I don’t have any! LOL But, I can tell you what I’ve been always envious of what my best friends (back home) had that I did not – great figures – naturally. I always had to sweat and starve to be skinny!

  7. my stomach has what i refer to as “the bump” i have had scans, gone to multiple doctors, nobody knows why it is the way it is. but i can be down to 14% body fat and it is still there. it is flat in the morning but the second i drink or eat, i look like i am just a little bit pregnant. by the end of the day the bump is rock hard and i look about 4 months pregnant. it is the weirdest thing and i HATE it. i envy those who have to ability to have a flat stomach too. sigh.

  8. oh and yay for the creative tacos!

  9. We always want what we don’t or can’t have right? My sister and I have TOTALLY different builds. She has always been lean and also can GET LEAN much easier than me. I have the curvy body with bootie and boobs. She has the lean body and seems to be able to lose fat with two snaps- all NOT going insane like I do. She just eats little, eats the “crappy” diet foods like lean cuisines and diet sodas, works out 1x a day for an hour and that’s it. Yes, I’m a bit envious. Ok a lot envious.

  10. OMG I am ROFL at this post. I spy a water drinker…
    Yeah, my brother has a lot of things that I want. He is lean ALL THE TIME and eats carbs like a mo-fo. He has those long, lean muscles that are only covered by skin. He used to have more muscle (looked soo good back then) but a really bad shoulder injury and bad recovery post surgery has him out of the weight room so now he is just kinda skinny. Still, he’s lean and looks good WITHOUT WORK. That’s what I envy. And he rocks a 6 pack year round. Also he has book smarts, and the morals of a saint. I envy most of those….

    THis year the night before, I am not sure what approach Tim will have us do, but according to hiim, it will not include chocolate.

  11. I have only one sister who is four years younger than me. She is married to a doctor, lives in a McMansion, doesn’t work, has a walk in closet the size of my guest bedroom, drives a new Lexus, is naturally thin, has perfect C cup boobies (thanks to surgery), cooks like Julia Child, has a flair for decorating, has traveled all over the world, and waited until her mid 30’s to get married so she lived the whole SATC life first (i.e., dated many interesting men)…

    I am jealous of her on only one count – she has a GREAT sister! ha ha!

    • LOL! Love that!!!

  12. I’m still looking at your picture trying to find your stomach…all I see are ABS!!! You look hot April! Let’s see…is there something my brother has that I wish I wanted? Umm…not really!! Ha ha…ok I’ve always wished I had his nose. He has my mom’s nose, I got my dad’s…no offense to my dad!

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