Emergency Kroger Run!

While Mike and I were lounging around last night I realized I was out of pumpkin!!  OMG!!  I MUST have it in my oats in the morning.  So we went and I decided to buy the BIG can.  Some other emergency items that weren’t that important were bought also.

Love 003

Speaking of lounging there was alot of it yesterday.

Love 001

Wow you can barely see her 😀  I decided to rest all day and I did.  Only a 20 min dog walk happened.  This morning I started to do step aerobics and got some pain and stopped because guess what I weighed this morning??  115.8  Yippe!  I haven’t weighed that since Oct 10 2008…how weird is that?


Today I am going to work my bis/tris and abs.  The best thing about this loss is I haven’t been doing strenuous and TONS of cardio.  It’s almost like pulling my groin has made me see the light.  Don’t get me wrong I do enjoy cardio but in my mind I feel I can’t lose without it.  Now i’m proving myself wrong.  For someone with exercise addiction this is HUGE.



  1. Jessica

    Mmm… I haven’t had any pumpkin in my diet! I used to have a pumpkin pancake recipe. I think it was made with pumpkin and protein from back in my BFL days… Do you have a pumpkin pancake recipe?

    • I don’t have a recipe but I bet this would work!

      1/2 cup oats
      3 egg whites
      2 T of pumpkin
      pumpkin pie spice
      blend in bullet and cookie like pancakes!

  2. I was thinking of you chomping on that protein cookie and all of a sudden I was like how the heck did she make that??? I love the pumpkin idea too… but I already am in love with my oats… do I need to be in love with them more???

    Your blog is great… I’m so excited for you April!!! And that tummy down there is fab… the water makes it look great… I think you are wrong… you look like a model in that pic… and I’m not just telling you that… Angela too…

    And I miss you… I’m having a hard time reading about the competing… because it’s been hard for me to sit back… I think you know you were here before too… so it gives me hope that I’ll get it back 🙂 I want it back… but I have to be patient… and patience is not something I have… I think you know about that too 🙂 SOoooooooo excited for you girls… I am.

    • Tina it’s so easy! 1/2 scoop of whey, make into a paste and spread along bottom of bowl, microwave 45 secs, flip and microwave another 30 secs 🙂 Mmmm…pumpkin is SO good! I think it’s keeping me sane right now.

      Miss you too and yes I was totally where you are now a few months ago and now…here I go again!

  3. No pumpkin definitely calls for an emergency store run!!

    Hmm you’ve got me thinking about cardio! Like today I’m feeling pretty stiff and just ugh and don’t feel like doing cardio. I wonder if that’s a sign I should take off? I hate taking 2 days off a week but hmm… do you think cardio 4 times a week is adequate to keep your body fat?

    • That is a for sure sign of needing to take a day off IMO. I know some girls who only do cardio 4 days a week and they stay slim. You never know unless you try 😀

  4. WOO!!! CHeers to pulling your groin… (just kidding). But seriously, you aready knew it’s all in the diet. Sometimes I think the body resists you when you give it too much output. Esp for a cardio nut like yourself. This less cardio route is probably very healthy for you right now and I AM SO GLAD for you that it hasn’t slowed you down!! 115 is INSANE. I would never be 115. I weighted 118 on stage for figure, water depleted last year and not sure I had much fat left to lose. I will prob. weigh that again in 3 weeks with the way my body is responding.

    CHeers to a great bikini season! YEEEEEAHH!!

  5. I love how the pumpkin is the necessity and replenishing your toilet paper was just a side note haha!

  6. Dear Friends, Happy Happy Haloween!!

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