FALLing to pieces

My friend Louisa and I went to one of our state parks here today.  It was great girl time and the weather was just beautiful.  We didn’t do any trail walking because of my stupid leg but it was still a nice day.  Before we went I did have a latte.

My eating has been so ON it’s scary.  With the lack of intense cardio there is no other way for me to lose.  Mike was wanting peanut butter since his marathon is this weekend.  That’s a no-no during contest prep in my books.  I cannot keep that in the house.  Well it’s in here.  Not Naturally More because that’s a DEFINITE no-no!  I got him the little individual Jif containers, the 6 pack.  For some reason I am able to have them here.  It must be a jar thing that get me.  Knowing that I can go in there and dip my spoon in the jar, over and over and over….mmmm I love peanut butter.  Almond butter i’m cool with.  There is just something about peanut butter….with jelly….on soft bread….with doritos….i’m really not craving anything though so it’s cool 😀


Weight was 115.8 again this morning so I was hoping to get in some cardio to help it along.  My groin said no and just a bit ago I got up to answer my phone and it felt bad so i’m making a smart decision and just staying off of it.  Actually Mike is demanding that I stay off of it.  So i’m bored.  I just want to get on my treadmill ARG!!  Heroes is on in a bit so that should make the time pass.  Plus it’s almost time for my cookie and ice cream 😉


  1. you crack me up with your pb (and doritos!) Nice job on the eating right – i’m not…. eeek! I need to get on your plan, or at least get 10% of your willpower! haha Keep it up!!

  2. intheskinny

    gorgeous park!

  3. Umm yeah peanut butter is my favorite thing ever!!

    What beautiful scenery! I love fall 🙂

  4. ana

    your weight is droppin dropin dropin!!!! Good Job april!!! Sounds like your right on track and yuppppp stay away from the Peanut Butter!!!! Ur doing awesome girl!

  5. Hey April! Those pictures are GORGEOUS!!! I hear ya on the peanut butter. I love your word picture of dipping the spoon into the jar! I can taste it thru the words! 😉 Your weight is awesome. I hope to be there someday again soon! 🙂

  6. great photos! haha, pbj&d? all together?

  7. I need to stay away from the TIght curves protien. I haven’t tried it and I am already spoiled and ruined by the Beverly Int’l plain old chocolate. It is soooo much like brownie batter it’s actually scary. Last night as I was eating in (as ice cream) i told Tim I never wanted or needed real ice cream or brownies again. LOL WTF….

    I think I know why you can have the little jars of Jif in the house for mike: my theory: cause you know you can’t get away with dipping into them caus eyou have to open them!
    I have found that if I can snitch a little bit without Tim knowing, I will, but if he can clearly see evidence of my snacking, then I am in trouble….such as…homemade peanut butter in giant tupperware….not good.lol

    omg weight is 115. you are a TINY ASS GIRL! Now take pics of you in the blue suit so i can see it on you, sexy thang!!

  8. Beautiful pictures!!! You live near some gorgeous places. I’m the same way about jars of PB…there is nothing better than dipping a spoon straight into the pot. Ok…adding ice cream or chocolate chips – that might make it a little better. 🙂 Sounds as though your contest prep is going great!!!

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