I Can Finally Say….

there is not one vegetable that I do not like.  I can eat asparagus, green beans and broccoli raw so when I tell people to roast them and they will like them i’m really a hypocrite.  I cannot stand brussel sprouts so I decided to try them roasted.  The verdict?  I LOVED them!!!  I used this method and they turned out perfect.  Instead of pepper and salt though I used Stevia and sprinkled over top of them 😀

So now I can say that if you have a problem with veggies just roast them 😀

Mike tried one and still didn’t like it.  He said it wouldn’t even be good with cheese on it which is the way he eats his veggies 😉  His marathon is this weekend so i’ll be making LOTS of yummy carbs!!


I managed to get in an hour of cardio this morning.  Nothing to intense 3.7 mph @ 7% incline.  It felt good afterwards though and the heart was happy.



  1. I haven’t had brussel sprouts in forever! They make me burp.. maybe that’s why! LOL

  2. Marthab

    I like them browned in a frying pan in olive oil, S & P and garlic, then put the lid on and let them steam a bit. Nutty and delish. My hubby said no go either. I hated them as a kid. Who knew?!

  3. ive NEVER tried brussel sprouts! i need to try them

  4. intheskinny

    Oh yay! I need help with my vegetables. You would think I’m a 5 year old (my husband says I am). I didn’t eat peppers or aspargus until I was in college. I didn’t eat a tomato until a few months before I got married. Although, is the verdict in about a tomato? Vegetable or fruit??

  5. Did you write this post with me in mind? LOL JK! I tried roasting som brussel sprouts and while the first bite was ok, by the time I took them to lunch the next day I wanted to cry tears into my lunch. I need help! lol!

  6. I lOVE roasted brussel sprouts! Love them!!!

  7. I agree. Roasted veggies all taste wonderful! The key exception is carrots. To me, carrots only taste good raw.

  8. I like all veggies too, but I will still say Lima Beans are not as good.

    Oh yeah!! What was on my salad that wasn’t good, at CiCis? LOL you commented on it the other day and I forgot to ask. I do not get unlimied carrots, but I can have a few small ones some days. I know olives have fat and i was very limiting..’
    I just can’t have pumpkin because it’s not low GI and has too much sugars. BOO…17 days, I cannot wait!! WOO!!

    I have always loved brussle sprouts. They remind me of horseradish!! YOU??

  9. I LOVE veggies too. Growing up I refused to eat them and now..EVERYDAY!!!!!!!

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