She’s Flaxy

She gets around, she’s flaxy, she’s always down, she’s flaxy, she’s gotta gripe, she’s flaxy, she’s just my type…she’s flaxy.  Old school Beastie Boys anyone?  My walking friend Amy and I used to rock out to them.  I got in her car the other day and she had the CD in LOL!  It was so much fun.  Our lyrics only make sense to us.  I know the word is really crafty but you’ll see why I was singing this song this morning.

Thanks to Carrington Farms for sending some samples of their Flax Paks!

Love 001

Roasted Flax Seed

Carrington Farms Roasted Flax seeds have a distinctive nutty taste and crunchy texture. It’s ready-to-eat for a healthy tasty snack with no need to grind. Sprinkle it on yogurt, salads, cereal, smoothies, in your favorite recipes or as a fun and easy snack. Carrington Farms Whole Roasted Flax Seeds still contain all the health benefits of milled flax seeds without the hassle of grinding. Our roasted flax seeds provide many of the essential fatty acids that are very important for metabolic, heart and cellular health. We choose only the highest quality flax seeds and put them through our unique, rigorous Micro-cleansing™ purification process that cleans the seeds and reduces microbial activity for maximum freshness.

I can’t get enough of them!

On my salad

On my salad


In my oats

In my oats



In my chocolate

In my chocolate

On my goats

On my goats

Okay I really don’t have any goats or chocolate at the moment 😉


Wow, I just realized what a production making my breakfast is.  Mike HATES when I leave the cabinets open 😀  He went to his office today so I left them that way.

Love 007

Things are going great in contest prep life.  I will be taking pictures this weekend.  I sent back the blue zebra suit in exchange for a gold one.  The top of that suit had WAY less coverage than I would feel comfortable wearing.


What is your favorite chore?(oxymoron)  I really like doing the dishes.  I’m doing laundry right now only because Mike has his marathon this weekend and I thought I would be nice.  Laundry is his chore.



  1. LOL! You crack me up! I knew exactly what you were referring to in your title, even before i opened it…i was singing!

    I swear we are twins 😉 I do the same thing with the cabinets and Adam always says something to me about it!! LOL! I love it!!!

  2. OMG making my breakfast in the morning leaves the kitchen in dissarry. Cabinents open, pots on the stove, fridge open…my husband hates it.

    Most mornings I clean it up, but sometimes I have to scoot out to work!

  3. Julie

    Not really pertaining to this post, but I made the Pumpkin Latte last night!!! LOVE IT!!!!! Made me another one this morning before work!!! I made mine on the stove in a pot,whisked it all together, and had it warm. Tonight I will try it cold? Thanks soo much for sharing. It’s a cozy, comforting drink.

  4. Can’t say I do the same with the cabinets, but those flax thingys look awesome. hmmm…gonna have to look into those.

    Oh and I’m with ya on the laundry thing. It’s never ending with a house full of smelly boys! 😉

  5. Yum those look good!

  6. I like to clean anything! except floors, dishes, laundry, cat poop… doesn’t leave much, huh? LOL!

  7. Brasssssss monkey, that flaxy monkey…….Brass monkey junkie, that flaxy monkey………

    1 fish, 2 fish, red fish, flax fish….?

    Clearly i need to chill on the caffeine!


    • Nice one Barb 🙂 No caffeine is the bomb!

  8. what’s in your salad?? it looks good!

    I love dusting! I don’t know why but its fun 🙂

    • It was lettuce, flax seeds, red wine vinegar and then you’re seeing some green beans 😀

  9. Chores? I don’t like chores. In fact I despise them. Hmm nope can’t think of any that I like.

  10. love your BB cover 🙂 hahaha.. goats. flaxy goats. you make me laugh and i love it. fave chore.. hmm. dishes is what i despise least i suppose!

  11. That’s cute about the song and your friend…the flax stuff looks good!! Trust me to look at flax and say, “YUM!!” 🙂 Favorite chore? Ugh…I’d have to say doing the dishes, too primarily because at least you everything looks all spic and span afterwards. I like getting laundry done, but I HATE folding.

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