I sometimes wonder HOW I gain 10 lbs after my show and can’t seem to get rid of it.  I typically weigh 107-108 day of and then gain 10 lbs and can’t get back below 115.  There should be NO reason for this.  I weighed 115.4 and i’m getting leaner without tons of grueling cardio so it’s possible.



Choice A:  Leave alone

Choice B:  Just lick the lid which triggers the sugar junkie and then you lick the entire little tub and head for another one

I chose choice A.  If I didn’t have a competition in 4 weeks I probably would have just “had a little”.


I was up at 5:40a this morning.

Chocie A:  Just lay there.

Choice B:  Get up and move!

I chose choice B.  I popped in one of Cathe’s step aerobics DVD’s and did it for 50 mins + some ab work.  If I didn’t have a competiton I may have just layed there or got up and ate.



Mike ordered a pizza and wings last night.

Choice A:  Have just 1 piece

Choice B:  Eat my healthy dinner

Obviously I chose choice B.  Even if I wasn’t competing I would not have had a piece.  Unlike most competitors my cheats only happen on Birthdays and Holidays.  Why, I get heartburn easy plus I just love eating healthy.  Even when I go out to a restaurant I keep it as healthy as possible.  Warm pitas are my cheats 😀


So after this next show we’ll see what happens.  I’ve been writing everything I eat down per Tony’s request and it’s really helping me.  It’s also helping me get in my water requirements.

We all have choices, will you make the right one or one you will regret?


WTF are these?  They are EVERYWHERE!!!  It’s like a big mosquito.


Oh no, not that thing again

Oh no, not that thing again

Stop it already!

Stop it already!

But you're so cute!

But you're so cute!


I’m doing okay without my pumpkin 😀



  1. Hillary

    Great post. Love the choices. I love those stupid peanut butter’s to go. I’m the same way. I couldn’t have just a taste. Way to go on making all the right choices. 🙂

    Those things are called Mayflies (we had a huge hoard of them in the fall instead of spring a few years ago) or Canadian Soldiers I think. They’re yucky but harmless.

    Boomer is so cute. Camera shy. Awwww…

  2. Your doing awesome!! I have trouble with little nibbles sometimes.. but like you I never really cheat unless it’s a special occasion!

    and what the heck is that bug?? its creepy!

  3. Ugh, when I am not competing i usually choose choice BAD and that is why I gained my weight back ASAP. This time I have a plan. 1 big cheat a week as to maintain, and I’m going to keep the cardio in my shedule. It’s there now, no reason to take it out. I used to be able to eat whatever I wanted and not gain weight but now I have to admit those days are long gone and I need to make better choices. I still sneak little bits here and there, but I can live w/o feeling like i need to splurge just cause it’s there.

    Glad you are holding up w/o the pumpkin.
    PS. if you dont end up wearing the blue suit for photoshoots or something after your show I would like to take it on my honeymoon (first week of dec) so let me know if you’ll be needding it. TIm and I are going to Mexico! Ay Carumba!

  4. hayleycepeda

    Your willpower is SO strong…you’re doing awesome April. I know you’ll look fabulous on the day of your comp. LOVING the doggie pictures… 🙂

  5. hEm

    HEY APE!!!!!!!!!!
    Love this post. It’s so true EVEN without contest prep. We have so many choices everyday. Did you read The fighterdiets’ latest post? She talks about boardering on obsession/compulsion (but health-fully)
    ummmm, no. It’s more like, I’m so bloated I need to go lay down.

    However—how TRULY awesome do you feel after a healthy green monster/or hearty oats, or fresh veggies???

    ahhh, great stuff here—keep rockin it girl, and take care of that damn adductor!!!

  6. fsegbefia

    I echo everyone else’s comments! This is a great post! It’s all about choices and which choice will take you closer to your goal. And every choice helps to establish a habit. So do we want good habits, or bad habits!

    Boomer is sooo CUTE!!!

  7. Margarita

    wow, Ape – you are totally in the zone. I think you gonna do really well after your comp too and will stay in the zone. I wish I was like that…

    MY mind, on the other hand, is totally screwed up lately! 😦 I cannot seem to stop thinking about food and eating anything BAD for me. I eat like I just finished my first comp. and am constantly in the sugar coma. WTF???

    Oh, and those big mosquitos – we call them “Masquito Hawks” here on CO. Apparently, the don’t suck human blood (it would be awful), but they are still scary looking! I kill them just for that! LOL

  8. CathyC

    You are making great choices! It’s aweful how easily trigger foods get the best of us sometimes!You’ll rock the show!

  9. It’s a mosquito hawk and they are good bc they eat mosquitoes!!! 🙂

    You’re doing awesome on your prep! Love reading your blog!!

    I took your pumpkin obsession and started one of my own with pumpkin pie cottage cheese. Yum!!

  10. You are so dedicated. I definitely have to talk myself into making healthy choices and getting out of bed in the morning. Sometimes it’s hard and doesn’t happen. How do you stay motivated when you’re not competing?

  11. hey april! just squeezing in some blog reading to my day and immediately had to head to yours. i love the choices post and even more i love the boomer pics 🙂

    i am really sorry to hear about your grandfather. i am sure he will be so happy now reunited with your grandmother though!!

    progress photos look great. i cant even imagine 4 more weeks, you will be so ripped. you are doing awesome.

    and i love the idea of pumpkin sandwiched inside a crepe/pancake. yum!

    sorry to be so MIA lately. ❤

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