Pancakes and Pictures

I really want to thank each of you for your thoughtful words about my grandpa.  He will be buried in his brand new overalls Thursday.  He was a farmer and ALWAYS wore them so he couldn’t be laid to rest in anything else.  They are going to put some chew in the casket too 😀  Yes, you all know now what side I get my craziness from.

It’s nice to have friends who don’t care if you burp, fart or live in your PJ’s.  You all understand why I won’t eat out,  workouts are top priority, and a ponytail is a hair do.  Oh, so maybe that’s why I don’t have many real friends 😉


This morning I fixed Mike and Boomer pancakes!  YUM!  I did all this and no spoon were licked!  YIPPEE!  I love when i’m in this zone.  This state of mind doesn’t last all the time.  Something clicks in my head and it’s focus, focus, focus.  So I don’t have any secrets or magic.

PB and bananas

PB and bananas




I thought about making pancakes out of my oats and egg whites but there is something about eating the oats slowly that makes me feel more full???  This morning I ground them up first so it was like oat bran.

I also went to Nature’s Pharm.  Mike drove me there and timed me…11 minutes.  He says I spend WAY to much time in there.  Here’s what I bought!

Love 003


  • Local bee pollen
  • Bragg’s ACV
  • Bragg’s seasoning(see what happens when a quality company gives freebs)
  • Buffalo meat for burgers tomorrow!
  • Flax seed meal(addicted to this now)

Now for some progress pics. ***Disclaimer, this is after 4 meals and 4L of water.  I can’t wait to eat some major carbs so my abs puff out 🙂

4 weeks out 002

4 weeks out 005


Okay the meal and water are no excuse for the “cheese”.  It’s hereditary what can I say.  It will be gone in 4 weeks 😀


Props to Becca for lending me the suit!



  1. NIIICE! 🙂 Both the food porn and the booty! 🙂

  2. ana


  3. *Andrea*

    gahh i want your body. you look muscular and thin. lovely!

  4. Alyson

    Wow, looking great! And I know what you mean, it’s always nice to have people who understand that yes I did in fact NEED to skip that meeting to go to spin class, and yes this protein cookie made of protein powder and water IS that satisfying 🙂

  5. Wow you look great!! Especially those abs!

  6. Looking awesome woman! Love the suit on you!

  7. intheskinny


  8. Work it girl. Work it. Own it. 😉

  9. Tea

    APRIL!!! You look Fabulous!!! and omg smack you for putting those pancakes in here lol. *drool*

  10. Jessica

    April you’re looking great!!!!! I have some cheese, too. Maybe it’s a red thing? lol

  11. WOO HOO!!!! LOVE That suit on you! {PLEASE WEAR IT AND BLESS IT With your good luck and good looks!!} Then maybe I’ll wear it one day for a show…if I ever get to be 118 lbs or whatever it is you weigh…lol

    Also, how much do you pay for your bee pollen? I pay 8.49per lb.

  12. teebean

    The pancakes look good, but YOU LOOK GREAT! DOn’t be so hard on yourself! LOTS of stiff deadlifts! Do it up girl!

    You look amazing!

    XOXO Tina

  13. Julie

    Ok for starters, the pancakes look oh soooo yummy!!!! And secondly I want your butt!!! You look great girl, I’m working on getting to 115, you’re my inspiration!

  14. Wowie 🙂 I’m just catching up on the blog posts and I’m thinking you need to get a job girl I can’t keep up 🙂

    I’m kidding… I love it… if anyone could make money at this it would be you!!!! Oh I just know you are going to have a freaking blast with Angela at the comp… so freaking jealous I have no words!!!

    And what a kick ass bod… case you didn’t catch that in the wowie 😉

  15. hayleycepeda

    So so sorry about your grandpa April…

    On a happier note you look fantastic. 🙂

  16. I’m so sorry about your gpa. I am lucky to have 1 left.

    And with the risk of sounding inappropriate, you look F-ING AWESOME.

  17. You look awesome girl!! I’m TRES jealous of your stomach and your upper legs – I’ve NEVER seen a line like that on my legs – you rock!

  18. You look great and those pancakes are impressive!

  19. traynharder23

    rock it! you look great! i hope to look as good – i don’t have a two piece (epic fail) but i just took a pic of me in a sports bra and shorts.!

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