I bought All The Whey cake batter protein and it’s knocking my socks off!  I feel like I just ate real cupcakes!


Mike and I grilled out for lunch.  It was a nice change since i’ve been eating the exact same thing for the last 8 weeks.  We grilled buffalo burgers and some Applegate Farms Organic Beef Dogs that the company sent me to try.  Of course I can’t try them but I did sneak a taste 😉  Mike really likes them, I thought they tasetd a little salty.  This may be because I typical don’t eat lots of salt?  My buffalo burger rocked my taste buds though.  I’m not a red meat eater but i’m a big fan of buffalo!


We went to gpa’s showing tonight.  It was nice catching up with my family.  I wore a dress.

Love 002

Look at the button on the sleeve below.  Can anyone really button it?  I mean I have some muscle in my arm but not that much.



 Before Mike got in the house I was in my PJ’s.  Then it was off to the tready to watch ANTM while getting in some cardio.  Mike is becoming concerned that i’m still limping around.  My speeds are improving a bit though so in my mind it means i’m getting better.  Still no jogging or running but i’m pushing through and i’m gonna have great weekend with my friend!!



  1. Man you have awesome calves!! I’m jealous! You are so cute!

  2. ana


  3. Alyson

    ahh so cute! ATW Cake Batter has been a huge staple for me during cutting. I even like it just mixed with Unsweetened Almond Breeze to make a batter-like paste, yum!

  4. You look fabulous!! I have a few outfits like that (with a button there) and cannot button single one of them!! I think they are for looks.
    So I knew you couldnt’ do cardio, but you’re still limpin around when you walk? As long as your speed is increasing and you are able to walk undetected in heels, then I think you’ll be ok. I hope the pain stops soon though!

  5. I can’t wait either 🙂 Miss you!!!

  6. Julie

    Cute dress! Hey, I made Pumpkin Lates for the office this morning. They were a hit!

  7. You look beautiful! That color was MADE for you! Seriously!

  8. You look fantastic and girl, i would not bullshit you:)

    Cake Batter? UM hello drool!

    Have a fab well deserved weekend!


  9. You look great in that color. I have wanted to buy some All The Whey but have just been lazy. I really only like Lean Dessert. Is the cake batter REALLY GOOD? Or just, ‘I’m on a contest diet and every food is so bland that this tastes incredible’ good?

  10. Cute dress- you are so cute! And um, yeah – teeny arms only to make that button button – crazy!! You look fab. 🙂

  11. I love that dress!

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